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Yes, amen & amen

 2016/8/3 11:54


Bro Jeff.............loved your post and agree with it.......bro Frank

 2016/8/3 12:10

 Re: Julius

J I have to admit I am a bit puzzled. When I speak of persecution you oppose me violently in this forum. Was it not you who posted that you could not feed your kids a steady diet of persecution? Now you are saying your children have been reading Voice of the Martyrs magazine since they were able to read.

I guess I'm trying to figure out which direction are you coming from?

When I or anyone else speak of the soon return of Christ you argue that most of the prophecies were fulfilled in 70 AD.

Just puzzled bro. But at least I am glad you are aware that persecution is a reality and that we are not shielded here in America.

Just my thoughts.

 2016/8/3 12:19


by bearmaster on 2016/8/3 12:19:57

J I have to admit I am a bit puzzled. When I speak of persecution you oppose me violently in this forum.

WOW! Interesting choice of words. "oppose me violently".

No, as stated before and several times over, (my head is not in the sand), I know about the reality of persecution. My disagreement (which was not violent), was about daily fear mongering with clips from various news sites, everyday...a steady diet of it. And specifically telling people in the forum and by extension in the Internet, what was coming (in detail) when we actually have no idea. But, talking about the reality of persecution, or even news clips about people in America actually being persecuted I have never had a problem with. I have post some of those articles myself.

If I was violent to you, I am sorry, but please show me that post.
We do want to be taken serious, don't we?

 2016/8/3 12:45


Blaine you are overreacting. You said somewhere else that everyone opposes you on the forum over your reports on persecution which is nonsense.

I don't like a steady diet of what someone thinks will happen in the future which is not the same thing as reporting events.

 2016/8/3 13:22

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 Re: Israel to be increasingly ostracized

Yeah I know, here I go again but I formly believe these days and what we see being worked out in the natural has tremendous and profound significance and can even provide insight also as to the spiritual times and seasons we are in. I believe that the "contoversy of Zion," for lack of a better term, is going to continue to ratchet up and increasingly threaten world stability and peace. There is a hypocritical standard in many nations and hearts that somehow sees Israel the main culprit in the Middle East while ignoring the immoral depths of its neighbors. But as Israel is increasing ostracized so likely will be those who continue to befriend Israel even in its present unbelief. Satan hates anything elect of God and he hates the elect race (to them belong the covenants and promises), the elect nation and the elect city of Jerusalem upon whose small and holy hill God is going to set His king. It seems no coincidence that the number one geo political problem in the world today is the Jewish presence in a certain land and the quarrel over who is to control Jerusalem. The people - the land - the city. Nothing causes more tropuble in the earth today than these three. The reinstatement of the natural branches to the body of Christ and the land means Satan's doom and he knows it. I see the "controversy of Zion" increasing with Jewish institutions and people likely beginning to be attacked in the urban centers of the world. Whatever is ahead this will likely be part of it along with growing anti-semitism as the world looks for a scapegoat in the middle of being increasingly unable to solve its problems. Anti-semmtism is in itself a sign that the gospel is true.

Part of the church's role in the days ahead will be to have prohetic insight and understanding and be prepared and understand the times "and those who have insight amiong the people will give understanding to the many" (Daniel 11:33). We need to begin now to set our hearts to understand as Daniel did (Daniel 10:12).

David Winter

 2016/8/4 8:51Profile

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Dothan, Alabama

 Re: brother Jeff

Sorry I had missed your reply...
You wrote "It's the usual "either/or" extreme absolutism response that seems to get more and more prevelant. Fact is, "Jesus is on the throne" irrespective of who is in the White House, yes. But Jesus isn't even on the ballet for a 4-year address in Washington DC. Such aetherial avoidance of here and now reality is sometimes almost laughable if not so serious in implication & reality."

Does not our God appoint the rulers of nations and set the boundaries of them?


 2016/8/4 9:54Profile

Joined: 2011/10/21
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Dothan, Alabama


Also can any of my brethren here on SI direct me to scripture where Jesus, or the apostles were ever led by Holy Spirit to concern themselves so much with the affairs of the political schemes of this world?
I've never read where they were concerned that "so n so" may take the throne and thereby help or hurt their cause of advancing the Kingdom of God...


 2016/8/4 9:57Profile

 Re: The post election world for Christians

that's a great post Frank, you know the trouble is?

I would LOVE to discourse on everything you wrote, BUT Heaven forbid, I go off the reservation on anything I write, and we in the middle of 100 plus post cyber scrum, a real mess. So there is really no PROFIT in a public discourse on this subject.

Mind you now, I would have no hesitation to have a phone call on this post with YOU......but this is my whole point: its just neither "safe"...nor "profitable", on SI, to have a discussion on the Deep Things of God, without a lot of division.

I don't want that division and mess......just a colossal waste of time, people writing long religious posts in pride to 'prove they are right', complete with numerous cherry picked Scripture, and the CORRECT name of the "doctrine" or "theology", so a person can thump their breast, and identify themselves as an "American evangelical"...with all the 'cultural' buttons to hit, you're white (this isn't directed to you Frank, i'm just writing), you're American, you "Christian", but I bet the (established) "church" would do the same thing to Jesus Messiah.....kill him, that the established religion, "pharisse/saducee den of robbers", did when Messiah came down for his earthly Ministry.

one last thing....."evangelicals" are too squeaky clean....the children of the dark will never quash this Faith, but we simply must pray for wisdom.

go underground, zig when they expect you to zag. start to buy and hide bibles. go black market....flee the cities/suburbs. now.

smile a lot. have no public opinion.

 2016/8/4 10:59

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Docs wrote: "It seems no coincidence that the number one geo political problem in the world today is the Jewish presence in a certain land and the quarrel over who is to control Jerusalem."

If spirit filled Christians lived in and controlled the city of Jerusalem, how would/should they deal with their neighbors?


 2016/8/4 12:06Profile

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