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 A questiom about Dutch Sheets and Chick Pearce

Somebody sent me an email with an attached flyer about an event that will be taking place in Little Rock, Arkansas, August 12th - 13th. The flyer features Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce along with Clay Nash. The event that's being featured is called a Trail of Hope.

Because of my ministry of praying for the persecuted church at the global level I honestly do not know what is going on in the evangelical community in the central Arkansas area. I jokingly tell people that I know more what's going on in North Korea than I do in Little Rock Arkansas. But it seems the local evangelical community is talking this event up as a key to revival. All of this based on a purported prophecy by Corrie Ten Boom about revival coming out of Central Arkansas. I have never found documentation of such.

Thus I'm asking the forum does anybody know anything about Dutch sheets and Chuck Pierce. I have heard pros and cons about these men. Also if anyone knows anything about Clay Nash. Or this event the Trail of Hope. To be honest I'm getting a check in my spirit about it. But would appreciate feedback from The Forum.

Please I'm seeking information. Should I be concerned about this event Trail of Hope? Are these men legit? Do we regard them as Christian Brothers? Would appreciate some honest information without getting into debate or controversy.

Again thank you for your responses in advance.

 2016/7/31 9:12

 Re: A questiom about Dutch Sheets and Chick Pearce

I know I have heard about Corrie Ten Boom prophesying when flying over the Arkansas/Missouri area that the Lord was going to pour out a great revival over that area in the future.

 2016/7/31 11:03

 Re: A questiom about Dutch Sheets and Chick Pearce

by bearmaster on 2016/7/31 9:12:04
Are these men legit? Do we regard them as Christian Brothers?

Then I would ask the Lord.

Asking if they are regarded as Christian brothers? Who is the one you will believe without checking it out for yourself, personally? Have you looked into their lives and their teachings, yourself?

Would appreciate some honest information without getting into debate or controversy.

This is my honest information for you.

 2016/7/31 11:51


Taking Julius's suggestion I googled a little into Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pearce. It seems the messages of both of these men are clearly absent of the cross of Christ. That should raise a red flag right there.

I see no preaching of the gospel in these men. Certainly no preaching of sin, repentance, and the need to come to Christ for salvation.

Anyway I do not think I will be making this event in Little Rock.

My thoughts.

 2016/7/31 13:40


Dear Brother

They are part of the NAR. False movement that is deceiving many.

 2016/7/31 15:44

 Re: Judah

Oh my. Just read the article you sent. No wonder I'm getting a check in my spirit. This stuff is dangerous.

Judah thank you for sharing.

 2016/7/31 16:13


This is what the latest commenter said at the end of the article:

Jim says
January 31, 2013 at 9:44 pm

We must be well-grounded in the Truth of the Word of God (the Bible). Be like the Bereans and search the Scriptures daily. The Bible Must be THE Final Authority, not whatever man says.

Proverbs 30:5-6 (KJV) 5 Every word of God is pure: he is a shield unto them that put their trust in him.
6 Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.

So we do not have to be afraid.

 2016/7/31 17:25

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I wanted to wait before I posted to this discussion, because I knew that this was coming. Inevitably the heresy hunters, such as Sandy Simpson are quoted and while they do point out the errors of some of the false prophets and teachers, they also throw true ones under the bus with false acussations.

I am talking to believers on this forum that believe that the ministry of the Apostle and Prophet are still active in the Church today.

There are indeed false apostles and prophets in the church today.

Brother Blaine has asked for clarification of the ministries of Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce.

Let us go over some of the claims that were made about Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce as being part of NAR.

· "They believe that God is restoring the office of prophet and apostles to the church." This is true. The ministries of apostle and prophet has never ceased to exist, although now these ministries are being recognized.

· "Claim that they alone have the power and authority to execute the plans and purposes of God." This is a false statement concerning Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce. They have never made such a statement, and I want to see a quote where they have. Now the false apostles and prophets have definetly made such statements.

· "Believe they are building a new foundation for a global church." This is also false concerning Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce. They believe and teach the Word of God.
"Therefore you are no longer strangers and foreigners, but fellow citizens of the saints and members of God’s household, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ Jesus Himself as the cornerstone. In Him the whole building is fitted together and grows into a holy temple in the Lord." (Ephesians 2:20,21)…

· "Believe they will literally establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth." This is also a false statement. We are talking about Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce who believe that one of the purposes of the Church is to advance the Kingdom of God.

· "Believe in a coming “civil war” in the church where they will overcome all (true Christian) opposition." This quote is referring to what Rick Joyner has taught in the past, but Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets have never said this, and if you can find a quote where they did, please forward it.

· "Place an inordinate emphasis on angels and the supernatural." Both Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets do teach on angels and the supernatural, but I would not call this an inordinate interest. This is opposed to the cessationist that believes that the supernatural has passed away.

·"Claim extra biblical revelations that can not be scripturally proven." ( progressive revelation)
This is a false statement. I know that Dutch Sheets backs up everything he teaches by the Word of God. He was the director of Christ for the Nations until recently.

"Teach that God is doing a “new thing” God is doing many things that are new to us, but not out of line with the Word of God. Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce would confirm this.

· Frequently say that those not accepting their heretical teaching are “Putting God in a box”. They do say that we often put God in a box, and I agree with this statement.

· "Teach that we should never question their authority."
This is another false statement concerning Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce. False apostles and prophets do not allow you to question their authority, but these men are open to correction, and would receive correction with humility·

"They use the term “Touch not God’s anointed” frequently when questions are raised." Again, the false apostles and prophets do this very often, but I have never heard Dutch Sheets or Chuck Pierce ever say anything like this.

· "They peg those that question their authority as bound by religion, legalistic, divisive, narrow minded, rebellious, and demonic." Another false statement regarding Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce. False apostles and prophets do indeed say these things.

· Place a greater emphasis on dreams, visions and extra-biblical revelation than they do on the word of God." This is a false statement. They do believe in dreams and visions, and that God gives revelation that is always in line with the Word of God.

· "They believe they will be the corporate incarnation of Christ." I believe that this is a statement about the manifestation of the sons of God which is in the bible. (Romans 8:19).

· "They believe they will execute judgment upon those who oppose them (up to and including death)." Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets have never said such a thing, and they obey the Word in praying for those that appose them.

· "They believe in a one world religion operating in sync with a one world government." False statement concerning Chuck Pierce and Dutch Sheets. They believe in the unity of the Body according to John 17.

· "They believe in complete unity and believe that there is nothing they can not accomplish through this unity." If the Body of Christ was in unity, there would be nothing that they could not do in the will of God. They couldn't do anything outside of His will. It is amazing how these heresy hunters such as Sandy Simpson twist the truth.

· "They believe they can bring Heaven down to earth."
Amen! That is what the Church of Jesus Christ is suppose to be doing. "Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

· "They believe that we will be perfected here on earth."
False statement. Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce have never said this.

· "They believe in aggressively organizing small group networks." Amen, this is true, and both Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce have organized prayer networks. I belong to a prayer network that is praying for revival and awakening in our nation. I can say enough about how these men have mobilized prayer networks throughout the U.S.

· "They believe in the organization of apostles under pre-eminent apostles." They believe that God calls Apostles to do apostolic ministry.

· "They believe that ALL local churches must be under the authority of a regional or trans-local apostle." They beleive this is the Lord's will for the Church, but Apostles are never to take the place of pastors or to place themselves over the pastor of a local church, but to work with pastors for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

· "They believe each city must have an apostle- men given extraordinary authority in spiritual matters over the other Christian leaders in the same city." They believe in working with pastors and other ministries in a city, but do this as servants of Christ, not as using their authority in an ungodly manner as the false apostles and prophets.

· "They consider themselves divine, little gods and equal to Christ." ( although they loosely veil this) False apostles and prophets do believe and teach this error, but Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce have never taught such a thing.

· "They believe they will attain perfection on earth." False statement concerning Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce.

· "They consider themselves the “Defenders of the Faith”
Shouldn't we all be defenders of the faith.

"Dear friends, although I was very eager to write to you about the salvation we share, I felt compelled to write and urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God's holy people." (Jude 1:3)

· "Place a great deal of emphasis on mysticism and hidden knowledge.." ( Gnosis)
False, they place a great emphasis on revelation of the Holy Spirit.

· "Do not believe in the rapture (or believe the wicked are the ones that will be raptured)" If Dutch Sheets or Chuck Pierce have ever said this, I would like to see the quote.

· "Stress unity over doctrine and reject the literal interpretation of the Bible." Both Dutch Sheets and Chuck Pierce stress unity, but not over the teachings of the Word of God.


 2016/7/31 21:14Profile

 Re: Mike

Brother thank you for providing some balance in this. I still do not feel the release of the spirit to go and hear these men. But will certainly be before the Lord and seek His direction. At the moment the only thing I am listening to is my audio New Testament. And the Spirit speaking through that. No reflection on godly sermons. But that is just where I am at now.

Again thank you for sharing.

 2016/8/1 7:19

Joined: 2016/6/4
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Johannesburg, South Africa


Hi brother Mike,

Although I do not know these brothers or their ministry personally, I have seen and heard enough of similar "ministries" to be very, very careful. Quite a few of these teachings overreach the scriptural boundaries. For example, we had one self appointed "prophet" over here in South Africa who started seemingly well, praying for the sick and for deliverance etc, but ended up teaching that if Christians can walk in a certain level of faith, they would never in just continue living and becoming more and more glorious etc.
I think this is where the "manifestation of the sons of God" teaching finally ends up, and "bringing heaven to earth", when the clear teaching of scripture is that this is referring to future events, probably at the "appearing" or second coming of Jesus Christ, as in the epistle of John 1, where John says "we will be like Him for we will see Him as He is", Jesus in His glorified state.

Beware, brothers, for we live in perilous times....

In His Love,



 2016/8/1 7:39Profile

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