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I am so glad I found Art Katz through a compilation called "one thing you lack" from the fire on the altar website. He, Michael Brown and Bob Gladstone changed my life


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Same here TMK. I actually got to meet & hang out with Bob a little bit in Israel a few weeks ago now. It's funny cause he still preaches with that same fire & passion, but he's so laid back, chilled & stuff normally. His message was actually on kingdom living in close community (house church Body ministry), unity, & the dealings of God within such a structure among his people, & the power of God displayed through a people willingly & humbly submitted to such true dealings, vulnerability & openness.

But yeah, it was Fire on the Altar way back when that really introduced me to so much from so many great preachers like Wilkerson, Katz, Gladstone, Ravenhill, Brown (I had actually met him before when he ministered at our church & gotten his teaching series on Being Lead by the Holy Spirit - a classic IMHO), etc.

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It happens these days that I'm living not so very far from where Brother Katz was laid to rest. That's not in any remote way meant to be name dropping of famous folks etc. I'm here in Minnesota by the grace and direction of the good Lord. I have visited his place of rest a few times and know some of the people that were part of the Ben Israel community. Again, that's not blowing my own horn in any way. But Brother Katz is resting on a open field on the Ben Israel property. It's a nice pastoral setting surrounded by nature and green trees and woods and his wife is there resting beside him after her passing to the Lord. The site is taken care of well and there are a few other graves of people there also. Etched into the granite marker on Brother Art's grave are the words,

"And he went and did according to the word of the Lord" from I KIngs 17:5.

If you know of Brother Art as many of you do then you know how fitting that is. Those folks that knew him tell me if the Lord told him to do something you could count on him doing it come what may. He wasn't a person afraid of the reactions of man. And they say he was a man that struggled with some of the same things every saint struggles with. God's fashioning process was the same with him as all of us and I find that encouraging. Art was also known to be fully human with many of he same flaws and things that affect all of us also. It was a reminder that no matter how powerfully God uses a person the treasure is still in earthern vessels. I say these things and refer to the people I am familar with that knew him not as a way to call undue attention to myself.

Bless you saints.

David Winter

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