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 June 28

The day of Brother Art Katz's passing to be with the Lord in 2007.

What a voice God placed in the church!

David Winter

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 Re: June 28

I met him couple times,and have listened to SOOO many of his tapes.


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He changed the course of my thinking as I was born again during the 70's and in the rise of the Charismatic Movement. For years I knew something was not right as many in the movement began falling into deception and entertainment.
In 2011 a brother and sister in Idaho who had asked Art to come speak in 2005-6, gave me the videos of his visit and teachings and prophetic words.
Although Art had passed into glory I listened to him and Leonard Ravenhill tapes until my head was spinning at the depth of my shallow and compromising life.
I think I spent months weeping over the paths I had followed. These two men spoke loudly, not always in a nice way, but I needed to be awakened from slumber.
In all those years of following Jesus, no one had ever spoken like these two men in any church I had been in and I had been in charismatic non-denominational, Baptist, Reformed, Presby, Foursquare, Mennonite,and Messianic. Our family moved a lot as my husband was in the military. Then he divorced me in 1999 and I was like a widow raising a child for the next decade and a half.

In 2011 I was either going to have a nervous breakdown or cry out to God until he answered my cries of "what is wrong? Why is my life so full of wrong turns and errors of judgment when I thought I was doing all the right things an submitting to the pastors and teachers and also to my husband.

His answer was to lead me into a wilderness of weeping and repenting after hearing Art Katz and Leonard and David Ravenhill.

After David Ravenhill spoke in Idaho on the prodigal son coming home, that was the turning point for me. David stayed in the home of my friends in Idaho and spoke in a small church there in town. He spoke on the prodigal son as not an unsaved person, but a born again son who had gone and squandered his inheritance for himself, as the church itself has done with the gifts of God.
It was surreal as I ran to the altar knowing God was speaking to me. I confessed the wretched state I was in because of sin and doing my own will. David prayed for me that I would be restored to the Father and that he received me back with the best robe and his ring of authority.

This was the turning point for me and I have not been the same since, every path I have taken is now clearly marked and when I start to go off, he graciously holds me close. Never have I sensed the Lord so close, but it involved a death, a turning away from religious ways that I had thought good. And although I find many Christians who think I have lost my mind, I know that I have never been more aware of his gracious love, his saving grace and his holiness. And here on this website that, I was led to even later, I see and know God is doing the same loving awakenings to many in the body of Christ. I thank God for his Great Love that will not let us go our own stubborn ways. And I thank God snd pray for the vessels of clay he used and uses to speak truth to the body of Christ.

Thank you for all your testimonies I read here. For we are his workmanship ...Blessed be the Lord God Almighty, who was and who is and who is to come...

 2016/7/28 12:47


3 of the brothers whose preaching have had the most impact on me are Art Katz, Ravenhill & Wilkerson.

Michael Brown & Paul Washer right behind them

 2016/7/28 13:09

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Johannesburg, South Africa


Beautiful testimony Leslie.

How gracious is our Lord!


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 Re: William

Agreed brother. Our sister has a beautiful testimony.

 2016/7/28 18:16

 The Body of Christ

Dear brothers and sisters,
Like you, I appreciate a place to share testimony our Lord's awesome ways. Just today by reading the forum posts I sense the unity of the body of believers. Jeff's words and sharing, Blain's on Habakkuk, Forrest and Narrowpath and brother Greg posting sermons that are pertinent for the day.and elibeth and Sandra and Frank's Deepest cuts, Williams words snd others from all over the world! Sometimes I cant remember who wrote what and others here who post regularly... I just can't convey to you my gratitude to God for weaving these strands of our lives together to encourage, sharpen and deepen our walks.

May all those coming together in small groups be blessed. There are many mature writers here and a desire to build up, listen and feed the lambs and sheep. May those here reach out into the places we are and bring in the sheaves. That is my prayer :-)
Thank you all for writing. I believe God uses all of you to touch someone else. I love you all in Christ. I would sing an old song that I never hear anymore:

Bind us together Lord
Bind us together with cords that cannot be broken
Bind us together Lord
Bind us together
Bind us together with love

There is only one God
There is only one King
There is only one Body
That is why I now sing

A sister in Christ

 2016/7/28 19:02


Double post

 2016/7/28 19:02

 Re: Sister Leslie

The Lord bless you richly dear sister. We love you in Jesus.

Brother Blaine

 2016/7/28 20:54

Joined: 2011/8/14
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 Re: June 28

To elaborate a little I first got to know about Art,..

In the 90s,there was a young man in our fellowship who had heard about Art,and was going to a Convocation,that they were having that week end.
I had never heard of this man,Art. ..( I was old enough to be this young man's Mother,...( I did not claim to know everything,..(and am still learning ) but had been many The Lord and He had taught me..

I was concerned for him,..maybe getting into wrong teaching,...he realized
this and told me about Art's books, "The Spirit of Truth", and "Reality The
Hope of Glory" .

As I shared in my testimony,(until this time in my life),I was not a book
person,but in order to learn of Art,I bought his books.They were/are exceptional.

From there, I contacted them,talked to Art many times,and ordered many,
Many of his tapes.And as Art would mention different book,like 'Andrew
Murray' , ...who I love,and others. By then in my life, I was able to check them out,and enjoy their walk in the Lord,and the encouragement.

I,too appreciate Greg and the website Greg has available here.
It has been my hope, that is and will be the help that brings "the gospel of the kingdom of God," to all the world,....and then shall the end be. "

(There are gospels out there,but our Lord Jesus said,(Mt24:14) "And This gospel of the kingdom,shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; then shall the end be."

And,l too,am blessed by so many here on Sermon Index .

Bless you all,


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