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 Are we there?

We are in a dangerous period right now. between now and the swearing in of a new president, (if it happens), We will probably see many dangerous earth shaking events. Power changes don't come easily when forces of evil are in play. Terrorist attacks everywhere, (false flags), and economic turmoil, job closings, and other things will be seen in an attempt to sway people. Deception already abounds in all the media, the four winds, (N. E. W. S. ). Truth is becoming a rare commodity. We can easily see that we are facing difficult days.

But God warned us that a lot of things would happen before his return, and all these things are in play to prepare for the rider on the white horse, the man of sin soon to be revealed.

Looking over the things that have been taking place, I compiled my list....

Satan has been at work building his kingdom. His kingdom is based on death not life. He started with tearing down the temple in Jerusalem, After all it probably wasn't good enough. He's been steadily moving nations around and getting people into land areas for the end time. All of his deputies are in offices in all the nations. When Christ returns he removes all things that offend from his kingdom. Likewise Satan does that with his. If God said it was good, like in Genesis, Satan then must make it not good.

For example the fish and sea life were good. The spirit of Satan causes the oceans to be filled with pollution and radiation so that all those things die. Likewise the animals were good. There have been many species decimated. Animals are now grown in improved ways today that are unreal. Then there was the plant life and herbs which God said were good. The spirit of Satan is at work genetically modifying the good. (making it better). Not only that controlling the seed so man can't eat unless he buys from the devils men. And the fish that were once in the rivers and streams and were so healthy are now grown in pens and fed antibiotics and other crap to make them better.

The water in the streams used to be fit for drinking and bathing but now you can't even eat the fish from them, The spirit of Satan has made them better. Imagine the day when a fish is an imaginary creature in a text book. Not satisfied with having clean streams and rivers, the spirit of Satan has factories dumping their residue in them, their poisons and heavy metals to make them better than God's. And then not satisfied with the water in the ground being good, that same spirit causes men to dump their fracking chemicals down into the water tables making them better.

And then there are those beautiful skies God created. God separated night and day. And the stars were for man to see signs and wonders. All very good. But Satan has improved upon them by filling the skies with pesticides, plastics and human waste of unknown origin so you can't see the stars or enjoy the wonderful light of the moon. And that rain in due season that God made has been taken over by that same spirit of owning the weather so it can be used as a weapon.

And he has even planned on sending his savior on a white horse.... A better one naturally.

In order for the man of sin to come, certain things must first take place. All hope must be gone. The world must be in total chaos. Then when the man of sin comes, People will believe he is the Christ and will flock down to see the one that they have always heard about and instead of being helped will be deceived even further. Satan truly wants to destroy all men.

Jesus warned the church about this: When you hear that he is in the desert, stay inside. Or whatever you hear about him, stay inside. For Christ will gather his church and they will meet him in the air. So if you haven't been gathered in the air, WAIT.

So before the man of sin comes, marriage must be destroyed, economies must collapse, Nations must collapse, Trading must as well. Evil must be called good and good called evil. Trust must be totally gone. Everyone will seem to be a liar from politician on down to the preacher. The preacher has promised a rapture out of here... The man of sin is not coming when times are good because no one would want to go to Jerusalem then.

The two state solution in Jerusalem has to be in force, (it's been signed) The Jews have to be driven from their land. (soon to happen). The Man of sin takes the Jews area because he says the land was desolate(Ezekiel 35:15) (Forgetting that he used the confederation of Arab nations to drive them out). Europe must be defeated and Christianity destroyed, Looks like the immigrants are doing a good job. Evil must truly be reigning before the man of sin comes and is revealed in Jerusalem. It's in Ezekiel 35:10 where Esau says "These two nations shall be mine" (Palestine nation and the Jewish nation). Palestinians and Arabs are unknowingly used as patsies. Esau is also Edom. (Amos 2:11) After all it comes down to Esau wanting the blessing given Jacob. So he takes it.

The churches have to be decimated. The churches are full of tares and Jacobs. (Jacobs haven't wrestled with God yet). The true believers have to flee the churches. Churches have been infiltrated long ago and division is everywhere. The earth must be filled with hate, racial hate, crime, and theft.

Looks like we are ready for the man of sin. For the believer it's important to not lose hope. To stay focused on the big picture.
The sons of Cain are still after the children of God. Esau is still after Jacob.

James R Barnes

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