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 Sobering Words From an Email

Gus Cruz writes:

For the Scripture says to Pharaoh, “For this very purpose I have raised you up, that I might show my power in you, and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth.” Romans 9:17

After reading this particular Scripture what makes you feel so confident that God wouldn't purge America with great suffering?

What makes you think that God wouldn't place another evil ruler to disciple His people?

Like the Jews of that time, this country has turned their back on God and every day their disobedience is applauded and praised by mainstream media.

Now I totally agree that the Bible should never be taken out of context.

We ought to read it as a whole which is why I would ask you to turn to the book of Job or Habakuk or the whole Old Testament for that matter.

Job was a godly man and God allowed Satan to kill his children, take away his riches and health.

Habakuk was another godly man who was desperately praying for God's help, but God answered by brining the Babylonians to enslave them because of their disobedience.

God's righteousness is more serious then the fairy tales people believe.

Whether its Hillary or Trump we as believers need to be ready because God didn't promise the Church comfort but rather persecution.


Those of you who are praying for revival be careful what you are asking. God will send revival in response to your prayers. But the the price will be very high.

Revival will not begin with America turning back to God. America is unregenerate. Revival must begin with the house of God. But with revival beginning with the house of God it must come with judgment. And the judgment will be the purifying fires of persecution. God must bring persecution to purge the church of worldliness and other forms of sinfulness.

Only when the church is stripped of its sin and worldliness will we see the true glory and power of Jesus shine.

But before we can see the crown of His power. We must come to the foot of his cross. We must be broken and desperate before Him. Dear saints realize He will answer your prayer for revival. But before the revival may very well come the persecution. But such will have to be to burn the church out of her sin. And to bring her to repentance. Then the glory of Christ will truly shine through her.

Simply my thoughts from the foot of His cross.

 2016/7/26 7:02

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Sobering Words From an Email...Posted by Brother Blaine

by bearmaster
Job was a godly man and God allowed Satan to kill his children, take away his riches and health.

Habakuk was another godly man who was desperately praying for God's help, but God answered by brining the Babylonians to enslave them because of their disobedience.

God's righteousness is more serious then the fairy tales people believe.

AND the Israelite's prayed and prayed to be free of the bondage of the Egyptians only to find themselves in the desert!! I'm sure that wasn't the fantasy of deliverance they entertained.

And then because the desert of their deliverance brought out the evil of unbelief in all sort of complaining and gossiping, they had to live the rest of their days in the desert till they died and never got to see the promise land.

And if we don't think that can and will happen again, we've got another thing coming!

Guard you hearts,


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 Re: Sobering Words From an Email...Posted by Brother Blaine

I believe we are on the threshhold of 2 Thess. 2:7-12. I know our pretrib and amill friends will take exception, so let me say up front exception noted. No debate asked for. But, the eager church flocks to error, worldliness and shamefulness. There is a voice calling and the mass runs to it only to be destroyed. 2 Tim. 3:1-5. My wife and I were talking of these things last night. The thought came to me and I stated it that a time may / probably will come when people are in church in the same line to take communion and the mark of the beast, such is the delusion already in the church.

Blaine, the scenario you laid out from that brother's heart may be so quickly on us that we never see it coming. We look to Scriptures and say to each other not to sleep, be sober, be vigilant, and with confidence we hope we are not overtaken as by a thief in the night. But, friends, I fear that even our own shared alerts and awareness are overstated. I fear we are not as alert and as aware as we ought to be. The enemy is stealth. He knows the Scripture. We underestimate his craft and intellect. God created him on an order of glory higher than that in which we are born. I do not think we grasp the full of what that means. That gap is his hedge.

We need the Spirit of God now more than any generation, not because of difficulty. Others before us and even now face unspeakable horror for the sake of His Name. No, we need the Spirit of God more than ever because of delusion in the church and the rampant evil influence on us all. We need clarity, and frankly we are too spiritually asleep still to know quite how to ask, seek and knock for it that it may be found. May God increase His Spirit in us. He must, or we will all likewise perish.


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 Re: Lysa and Tim

My brother and sister so agree. We need to wake up. We keep saying that. Yet I keep thinking we're hitting the snooze alarm.

I do not think that the pre-trib Rapture is held by many in this forum. At least I've never seen posts of those who support such a view. But I have certainly seen posts by those who say that the prophetic happened in 70 AD. And everything must be interpreted in an allegorical way. I believe the enemy can use this to put us to sleep. I mean if it happened in 70 AD what would be the concern today.

So when the reality of martial law hits us. Perhaps the presidential elections are suspended. And we are we told to report to a FEMA assembly center for processing to a death camp. Will we still be saying that this is all allegorical? It happened in 70 AD?

Much sobering thought for reflection.

 2016/7/26 8:14

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 Re: Sobering Words From an Email...Posted by Brother Blaine

This is the same as Jeremiah 32:27, where the Lord says:

“I am the Lord, the God of all mankind. Is anything too hard for me?"

One would think that He would next speak of deliverance, but His next words are:

"Therefore this is what the Lord says: I am about to give this city into the hands of the Babylonians and to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, who will capture it."

I feel that we are in these times. Sobering thought.

In Christ,



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I found this on one of my earlier threads that I posted a few years ago. I think this present email confirms the thoughts that God gave me at that time.

I don't know the timestamp of when I posted this. But I think it was about 3 or 4 years ago. So we can see where we are at now.


And Persecution Must Come

This morning as I was reflecting upon tbe state off the American church before the Lord. Tbe thought cane to me. Persecution must come. Persecution must come upon the American church to drive the bride back to Jesus.

A casual reading of the Old Testament will see what happened when Israel rejected God in favor of an earthly king. For hundreds of years Israel paid tbe price dearly because she said we want a king. Even under David, tbe man after God's own heart. Israel suffered grief. Though there was prosperity under Solomon and peace. Solomon and eventually Israel turned away from God.

During these times God would send judgements and prophets to warn Israel and plead for her to come back to him. There would be a few times of national repentance and deliverance. But always then turning away from God and back to men for deliverance.

Even at the end of John's gospel one of the most tragic statements uttered in defiance to God was uttered by tbe religious leadership of Israel. These were the moral leaders of Jesus day. The religious conservatives if you will. We know them as the Pharisees. When Pilot asked shall I crucify your king. Their response was we have no king but Caesar. They paid for that statement 70 years later when Rome levelled Jerusalem to the ground. Caesar did not save them.

If we look at the pattern of the Old Testament we see the same thing being played out in the American church today. For the last several years the American church has rejected Christ in favor of political leaders to save her. Granted she would not be so blatant to say this. But slowly one sees a turning away from intimacy with the Savor to seek hope in political leaders who will bring a kingdom utopia on earth. In essence tbe bride has turned away from the Lover of her soul to commit adultery with the world.

As in any spiritual relationship the source of tbe bride's the turning away is Satan. The evil one entices the church to turn away from intimacy with her Savior to the distraction of the world. Thus the bride loses her fragrance and becomes carnal and worldly minded. She loves tbe security of the world and cries for a worldly leader to bring her peace and safety.

As in Israel God responds with judgement in the form of persecution to drive tbe bride back to Christ. Persecution must purify a worldly minded church to Christ mindedness. Persecution must cleanse the worldly minded church of her sins and dross. Thus a pure gold remnant will emerge. A remnant who are passionate about her Lord. A remnant who will truly follow the Lamb wherever he goes.

Thus saints I say persecution must come opon the American church. Let us not fear it. But welcome it as a refiners fire from a loving God who is purifying his bride.

Thus persecution must come.


 2016/7/26 10:07


1 Peter 1:6-9

In this you greatly rejoice, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials, so that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ; and though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory, obtaining as the outcome of your faith the salvation of your souls.


Peter tells us in the above verses that persecution will test our faith. It will purify our faith. This is what God must use to purify the American Church. No where do I see in the New Testament which says the American church is exempt from persecution. It will be persecution that will ultimately test and prove our obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ.

We look at the choice that we have in the current presidential election. Neither candidate is decided by Christians. Could it be that this presidential, election should it be held, is simply a judgment of God. A judgment of God to drive us to our knees even to our faces to cry out for none other than the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. But even if the election is suspended as some think it might be due to martial law being declared. This still might be God's judgment to drive us to our faces before the Lord Jesus Christ.

But as we cry out to Him perhaps for cries of revival. May He not answer with persecution and the death camps. But then when we see the state of the American church and the sin and worldliness that she is in. Can Christ answer with anything else but to purge His bride the refining fire of persecution.

But for those saints who will endure the refiner's fire of persecution. Their faith will be more refined. Their faith will be more pure than even gold itself.

Brothers and sisters we must die to the love of this world. We must come to the foot of the cross. Our testimony must be that of Paul himself. When our brother declares may I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ through which the world has been crucified to me and I to the world. For truly if we are dying today. Then we will be prepared to die tomorrow.

Thoughts from the foot of His cross.

 2016/7/26 10:58

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Quote: "So when the reality of martial law hits us. Perhaps the presidential elections are suspended. And we are we told to report to a FEMA assembly center for processing to a death camp."

Isn't it possibly a tad irresponsible to throw out such a statement?

On what basis are you making this statement? Why will martial law be declared and why will we be lining up to get into death camps? The elections are only four months away.


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 Re: Todd

"So when the reality of martial law hits us. Perhaps the presidential elections are suspended. And we are we told to report to a FEMA assembly center for processing to a death camp."

Isn't it possibly a tad irresponsible to throw out such a statement?


And brother isn't it possibly a tad irresponsible to NOT make such a statement. I say to you and others gently wake up and smell the Spirit. Hear what the Spirit is saying to the church in America. He will cleanse his bride by the fire so persecution.

Todd you can do the research yourself. You can Google things like executive order 9066. This was executive order that Franklin D Roosevelt signed to imprison Japanese-Americans into something akin to concentration camps. You can Google the revokation a Posse Comitatus. Congress revoked this act which basically now makes it legal for American arned forces to deploy against American citizens in the United States. You can Google Rex 84 which provides for the establishment of FEMA detention centers. Commonly called FEMA death camps. We can speak of predator drones against American citizens. We can speak Anerican troops training with local police departments to deploy in the event of martial law being declared. And so on.

But Todd that is not the intention of what I am bringing up in this thread. I'm writing up the reality of persecution coming up on the American Church. Whereas I know some reject what I say in this forum. Go back to Paul Washer. He warned us four years ago that the American Church would suffer persecution. He warned us that we would be arrested as enemies of the state.

The American church will not escape persecution. We cannot debate this as having been fulfilled in 70 AD. Persecution is a reality that our brothers and sisters are facing in the rest of the world and it will be a reality that we too will face.

We cannot pray against persecution. We cannot decree it to go away. Persecution is here and it will keep growing. We need. We need. We need to come back to the cross and die to this love of America and the things in the world and the materialism of America. And we need to die to ourselves. So that the Holy Spirit can live in us and we can endure the hell that will soon break out in the United States.

Simply my thoughts bro.

 2016/7/26 11:37

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Persecution is one thing; being rounded up into FEMA death camps is quite another.


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