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 Some sound advice needed please.

For some time now God has been doing something in me like nothing before. At the moment i am struggling to read His precious word and praying seems to be like lifting something too heavy for me to lift. Yet i know He knows what He is doing and doing what is best for me. I acknowledge Him in all my ways inwardly praying some days really crying to Him.
I have been under attack from those closest to me, i live in one of the worst areas in the whole of the UK for crime (in fact the BBc were over here to get the peoples views on the place and why they still live here!) and i can't take it anymore, we are seriously struggling financially, we just had our car m.o.t'd and on the way back from getting it taxed (90pounds it cost) it broke down and has been that way for a good few weeks now so we have no car, I struggle when my husbands at work because my precious two year old needs constant attention which is proving impossible with a baby (and my four year old is now off school for two weeks) and i have no one to help, i'm still waiting for the finances to come through to pay for the E.B.C in July and i've set myself till Tuesday before i let them goes on. Each of these things doesn't seem a lot but when it's been going on for a long time and as they build up theres only so much you can take! I'll pray about one thing and another comes along and so on. I have never known anything like it! It seems to be getting worse. What makes it harder is that there are others to think about 24 hours a day others who need me so i just have to roll my sleaves up and get stuck in. But i cry to the Lord "how much longer?".
Where i live can really get to you. Theres so much crime and violence that it begins to affect you spiritually.The evil in this place has overwhelmed me. I moved from one violent neighbour only to be faced with even more noisy neighbours than i had before and when you have young children it's very hard indeed! I feel like im stuck in sinking sand slowly sinking.
The Lord has taken all material things like money, the car and left us with the basics, food and water. But that doesn't seem to be the issue it goes much deeper. I can literally feel God working in me and it really hurts. Everyday is a struggle. I think whats really pulled the rug from under my feet is that the very place i thought i might find support i have been attacked. God really has me in such a place that i can only turn to him and cannot move! There are times when i feel im about to pack my bags but i know i can't. Each new day brings more trials worst than the last.
Does anyone know where im coming from? Does anyone have any scripture verses that i can meditate on as i can't read the way i normally do at the moment. A thread was started called suffering/sanctification that got me writing this i wasn't going to post but to be honest i need the advice of others who have been here in this place of testing. Can anyone help?
In His Love, Geraldine

 2005/5/30 3:09

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 Re: Some sound advice needed please.

Geraldine, I completely understand. A while ago, when I was going through such a lengthy "trial", and at my lowest point, God stepped into my life and gave me guidance. I have had to withstand many attacks since to stick to that guidance, but God has strengthened me, and is seeing me through. I have a new strength now, praise God.

He will not fail you.

I got used to stopping all the time to unburden my heart to Him, all through the day. But you have to persist, so that you begin to recognise when things are getting you down, and nip it in the bud, by going and talking about it to the Lord, to maintain your peace. I started making a habit of this some time ago and now it has become natural.

We can read God's word and just like it says in the parable of the sower in Mark Chapter 4, the "word", which was intended for us, can be taken away from us. The very word that would have guided or delivered us.

For example, the following scripture is one which I feel is necessary to be applied all day and every day, until it becomes a part of our life, especially through trials, but it can get lost to us, for our anxiety comes back again and again and we forget God's instructions to us.

Phil. 4:6,7 tells us "Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God...And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

If by anyway, my experience has been of help to you, I would emphasise simply talking to the Lord about all your worries as soon as you begin to worry, and concentrating on obeying the word of God which applies to you by putting it into action.
God bless you.

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 Re: Some sound advice needed please.

God will not forsake you, even though you feel like He has, at times.
He wants us to depend totally on Him, but our flesh wants to help Him.
I've never faced what you are facing, but I do know from experience, that God will bring you forth.
I know what it is like to be seperated from my Family, and be put in situations where I knew only God could deliver me.
He did deliver me, and He has delivered me lots of times since then.
He is faithful, He cannot deny Himself.
He knew you before He placed you in your Mothers womb. He loves you.
Personally I feel like Christians have a hard time believing that God loves them.
I struggled with this for awhile.
He does love us, and it doesn't depend on what we do, but on what He has already done.
It is the Blood of Jesus that cleanses from sin.

God gave me this song when I was in a trial, I hope and pray it will help you.

His Grace is Sufficient.
He sees our every heartache
He knows our every fear.
He made us in His image
I know We're in His care.
Though storm clouds gather round us
Let's not be in despair
For our Saviour is with us,
Our burdens He will bear.
When the road is dark before you
And the River deep and wide
You can trust the One who saved you
He will never leave your side,
When the tempest gather round you
And the Mountain seems so high,
You have a Friend who walks beside you.
You see, He loves, You and I.
I do not know why He had to suffer
Upon the Cross of Calvary,
But His Grace is Sufficient
His Blood has pardoned You and me.
So let's turn our eyes on Jesus
The precious Lamb, who set us free
For His Grace is sufficient
To cover, you and me.

I pray for you Sister, that God will make a way for you where seemeth no way, that He will make the crooked paths straight, that He will give you His Peace and His Rest.
That your car will be fixed.
That you will bloom for Him, no matter where He has you.
That He will supply your need according to His riches in Glory.
In Jesus Name.
God Bless you

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 Re: wow

There's alot wrapped up in that short plea, sis. I'll address the reading of the Word of God first. What has been a practice for me personally and has leveled me spiritually is the book of Proverbs. There's one proverb for every day (western calendar---30 days or 31 days). I focus on one day say it's the 3rd Of May---I read proverbs chapter 3. on the 4th I read proverbs ch 4 ect.... I do this month in month out year in year out. When I took this action I made it a life long decission. Now if I miss a day because of what ever , I dont go backwards but I read only the number that correspondes with that day. That'll help with the feeling of guilt that we sometimes accept when you can't spend time reading as you feel you need.BTW that guilt also hinders your prayer life and I suspect that's why you are experiencing such a hard go of it . Now for your payer life...try reading a book called," Practice of the Presence of God", It's free on the net, you'll find it here It's simple and easy to apply. Also I was wondering if you and your husband attend a local fellowship of christian believers? Before I proceed I'll wait to hear your response to that question. Blessings, Bro. Daryl


 2005/5/30 11:28Profile


Also I was wondering if you and your husband attend a local fellowship of christian believers? Before I proceed I'll wait to hear your response to that question. Blessings, Bro. Daryl

Thank you brother. Yes we do, we attend church on sunday, a prayer meeting on Tuesday and another on Wednesday with our church. My in-laws are pastors of the church.
I have read " Practice of the Presence of God", and have just blessed my husband with it. There was a chapter i read that really challenged me when i read it and i meditated for some time to really get the revelation of it.
I have had an amazing time with the Lord today after my pastor encouraged me with a cd to listen to. But now as im typing my next door neighbours are getting really drunk and shouting in the street as my children are playing in the back garden and have to listen to it all. Their music is ridiculously loud!!! I dont think i can take another year of it.
I have also just been informed that my husband will be going away with one of the individuals he supports to a cruise in four weeks time, so i know that week will be hard for me.
Im not normally a negative person so being like this is really getting me down.

 2005/5/30 11:54


Also thank you Nellie and janneju for your replies they were very ebcouraging and mean so much. :-)

 2005/5/30 11:56

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 Re: who God is


I cannot say that I have been in your exact position but I do know that i have felt and thought some of the same thoughts as you- even very recently "i don't think I can take it any more" "how much longer?" "why me?" In other words, "Lord, why aren't you doing anything about this right now? Can't you see what I'm going through?"

Just this past weekend I found myself feeling sorry for myself and my situation and of course, one thing turns into a hundred things.

The Lord finally got a hold of me and said "you are only responsible for you. You are only responsible for what i have told you to do- so go and do that. Don't look at what anyone else is doing- what is that to you? Stop thinking about "you" and start thinking about others and ME"-- ouch. That straightened me up right away. :)

Then I also got a nice revelation about verses such as "Be anxious for nothing....." We all know what this verse says to do, we have read them and continue to do so when we need to. But something our pastor said this weekend really hit the spot. he said that whenever God gives us an "action", He always proceeds it with "who He is!" Before we can follow through with a command or action, we must see God ANEW. We must get a revelation of who He is and where He is.

How do we "be anxious for nothing, etc..." First we must backtrack to the verse proceeding this one:

Phil 4:5 Let your graciousness be known to everyone. [b]The Lord is near[/b].

When we realize that the Lord is NEAR or AT HAND- when we see Him as He is, all powerful and all knowing and all caring- He is NEAR TO YOU- then we can then follow through with "being anxious for nothing..."

When we get our focus off of us- and onto Him and how great and awsome and worthy He is- we can begin to be at peace.

I hope you don't think that I am belittling your situation. I know that you concerns are real. All I know is that God is more REAL than our concerns :) He is faithful, but we must try to take our focus off of "things" and situations" and put them onto Him.

I will keep you in prayer the next few days!! The Lord is near to you! Have hope! and be blessed!

In His perfect love, Chanin


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Hi sis., Have you and your husband let your local fellowship know about your finicial needs? and your desire for a different place to live? It's always good to start with a few close friends in church and get these folks praying. I believe the Lord has placed everything to meet the practical needs within each body of believers. There could be some help there? As for your neighbors? Let me ask you one question, "if the Lord put you and your husband there for a short time to pray for and possibly witness to thoughs who will go to eternal hell without you two, would you be willing stay for Jesus' sake and the gospel?"" I don't presume to know that that's the purpose of God for your life there, but I just ask a question for which only you two can answer and that to God himself alone. One of my favorite Psalms--- Ps 46 I trust you'll recieve some comfort from it, may the God of all Grace quicken it into life in your heart. Bro. Daryl


 2005/5/30 21:17Profile

 Re: Some sound advice needed please.

God has been doing something in me like nothing before. At the moment i am struggling to read His precious word and [b]praying seems to be like lifting something too heavy for me to lift[/b]. Yet i know He knows what He is doing and doing what is best for me. I acknowledge Him in all my ways inwardly praying some days really crying to Him.

Dear Geraldine,

I recognise what you're describing and was too pig-headed when I was going through it to admit it was a struggle - at one level - but, perhaps because of that and feeling isolated, I assumed God would go on speaking to me (as He was wont to do) - and He did (of course). In fact, I soon found Him more 'with me' in the circumstance, than I had ever known before - before, when I'd thought I had to bring myself to Him in an already perfected state.

Nevertheless, whenever I closed my eyes to pray, all I could see was blackness; but, He was very quick to answer prayer. In fact, only days before, the Lord had spoken to me from verses in

[b]Psalm 139[/b]
11 If I say, Surely the darkness shall cover me; even the night shall be light about me. 12 Yea, the darkness hideth not from thee; but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light [are] both alike [to thee].

{hideth...: Heb. darkeneth not}
{the darkness and...: Heb. as is the darkness, so is the light}

I was not trying to hide from the Lord, rather, it was that I couldn't see Him; so I was comforted by two thoughts - that He knew where I was and could hear me even if I could not 'see' Him, and, although I could not see where I was going, the darkness did not hide 'the way' forward, from Him. .... Retrospectively, this is obvious, but at the time, my confidence in His ability to see in my dark was crucial to my holding my nerve and pressing on into the blackness [i]with Him[/i].

I allowed myself to believe in

[b]Romans 8[/b]
26 Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which [u]cannot be uttered[/u]. 27 And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what [is] the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to [the will of] God.

And, I used to put my head in my hands [i][b]often[/b][/i] and prayed in tongues until I felt restored. I'd heard Susannah Wesley (mother of 17, including John and Charles) had used to put her apron up over her face to pray, often, and had trained her children not to disturb her for those minutes.

If I learned one single thing in those days, it was how to reach through to the Lord immediately and to trust in His instantaneous leading. Again, looking back, I see that He shifted the emphasis of my life and believing, from what I could do, to what He could do.

He answered many tiny prayers, a confidence I had picked up from Don Francisco's old Duke and Duchess song, in which the rich live in obscene wealth and outside the crowds cry out for a crust of bread; oblivious to their fault, the rich ignore their cries, but 'high above' the God of love 'hears every little prayer'.

At times like these, as you look to the Lord, you are putting your roots deeper down into the water of Life. This is where you draw your strength and increase. If you can possibly rejoice and thank the Lord and praise Him for what He is doing in you, it can make a difference to how you feel and how you cope.

I've never been able to organise my Bible readings, and so I fully accord with dohzman's advice and to not feel guilty about not being able to keep up a routine. Over the years, there have been times when routine was possible and others when I've had long breaks from regular Bible reading. At that time of blackness, if the Lord brought a scripture to my spirit and I couldn't find it easily, I used a Young's concordance to find it and followed through any key-word(s) He seemed to be speaking most loudly, until I'd completed an intense Bible study on it, in between making meals and generally doing what mothers do. Some of these meditations lasted many days and I read large chunks of scripture at a time. But, it was always focused on a study relevant to an aspect of my situation right then, as God would have me 'see' it.

I've also picked up you have three under fives. You are blessed to have a husband who is also the Lord's, and you're still trying to get to church ... [i]how[/i] many times a week? I know you have to go regularly - like once a week - but, there is nothing wrong with consolidating your new family of five at this stage in your family's development, by taking some extra time at home together. In the overall scheme of life, a few months will shrink as they pass into history, but, you can never get this time back if you don't take it now.

On a different sort of practical note, you said

Where i live can really get to you. Theres so much crime and violence that it begins to affect you spiritually. [b]The evil in this place has overwhelmed me[/b]. I moved from one violent neighbour only to be faced with even more noisy neighbours than i had before and when you have young children it's very hard indeed! I feel like im stuck in sinking sand slowly sinking.

Remember that the power of evil is not in the same league as God's power. I have never lived in the circumstances you describe, but I know what I'd be doing day after day - I'd lay my hand on the wall through towards the noisy neighbours and pray for them, as many good things as I could think of, as well as for grace to bear their desperate behaviour. You've got to believe that praying will make a difference. But, I would also ring Environmental Health every time their music / noise reaches antisocial levels and keep a diary of the noise, every time you report them, whether an officer attended etc. Although you might feel this is not a very 'Christian' thing to do, I believe it comes under the category of being salt to the world. Others who may be too frightened to say or do anything may be grateful. And I would not be beyond praying for them to move, unlikely as it may seem that they would. The very act of not giving up on them or possible solutions from God, helps to cultivate hope and faith and great rejoicing and thankfulness for every answered prayer. Despite the French 'Non!' you have a theoretical 'right' to a quiet life.

Now, I may be wrong, but I suspect you think this is so far beyond reach, that it's too much to hope. But still, I commend to you, prayer. If you can find it in your heart to be methodical about praying for your other near neighbours, too, the Lord can work wonders as His blessing falls all around and your noisiest companions find themselves increasingly isolated. This is not a promise (from me) but it is definitely a possibility. Don't under-estimate the impact of a Christian family in a neighbourhood. Without being told you are (believers) there will be many who know, instinctively, that you are the Lord's and you may find support from unexpected quarters - perhaps even, lifelong friends for the future. But remember, Jesus did not commit Himself to man and that's not what I mean here, either. But, there are some very decent [i]other[/i] people facing exactly the same problems as you are - but without God - to whom you can be a BIG blessing.

I feel you need to pray for these things like you're beating on a door which [i]will[/i] open eventually. The spiritual 'noise' and chaos [i]will[/i] yield as you learn to lay hold on God to make the difference.

 2005/5/30 21:53

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Wonderful Dorcas!

Had the exact verse in Ps 139 come to mind earlier this morning after reading this.

Geraldine, there is some wonderful counsel here from these brethren and have little to add short of different trying circumstances bringing forth a nod and a groan in the spirit. Times like these to have someone else also bearing the weight and keeping you in prayer, just knowing can bring relief to your soul.

Eph 6:18 Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

Psa 126:6 He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

Will keep you in prayer before the Lord.

Mike Balog

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