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 Sharing thoughts with you all.

Hi, I am ellie in the UK and I have just joined Sermon Index.
I have here some things I would like to Share with you.

I went to sermonindex last night and listened to a sermon by D L Moody called the Lord's Work. It was really lovely I have not heard the old ways of speaking and expression. The teaching in his sermon with such old descriptive words and illustrations. It was so interesting to listen to him.

Hear you have a novice thats Me, who has much to learn about this site.
I find it hard using the Site, I find it difficult to work out what the signs and symbols mean. I came across something I had done some days ago which was, I thought I was making someone only to find thatI made contact with that person on the, site right in the middle of a debate about Star wars.

I am so sorry, I feel so foolish. What can I say, nothing because it's too late the damage is done.
Well life has to go on and I will just have to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.....I am really sorry.

I would now like to comment on star wars.

There was a time 1993, in my early Christian, life just after God had miraculously taken hold of me and my life, I could not read the old Testament. This was because of all the awful happenings in some of the books. I Could not understand why there was so much pain in the world.

I tussled with this predicament for a while and then God reminded me of Star Wars, ( which was the first Film they made, I have not watched any of the others) And he showed me the Force of good and the Force of evil, and how these prevail in this world. He reminded me how I had felt when I had watched that film and how it had had a profound effect on me particularly at the end.of the film. And that these forces will continue until the end comes. and the new begins. ''when all will be revealed'' and we will know why everything has had to be. Because there is something that we yet do not know. And then we will realise and know. WHY.

God gave me at that time a wonderful knowing in the very depth of my being which warms me to the enormity of God and which has never gone. I was then able to read the Old Testament and see the beauty of the word of God.

It was not the Film that gave me God. It was God himself who grasped hold of me. It was he who reminded me of the Film.

But I cannot speak on any of the other films. Only the First one 'Star Wars' and also I do not class the film as a Christian Film.

May the Lord Bless us all, as we seek to know him more Amen.

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 Re: Sharing thoughts with you all.

Hi Ellie,


Not to worry, it can take a bit to get used to the site, as to the various buttons and functions, let us know what you are grappling with specifically and we would be glad to help.

Mike Balog

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 Re: Sharing thoughts with you all.

Hey Ellie,
Welcome to Sermon Index. If you dont mind me asking what part of the UK are you from?

I am so sorry, I feel so foolish.

Blimey, how many times i have said these words myself!! Im not so clued up on computers or even the simplist of things come to think of it. :-(
Hear you have a novice thats Me, who has much to learn about this site.

That was me also when i first joined this site. Dont worry your not the only one. In fact it doesnt take much to confuse me! :-)
In His Love, Be Blessed, Geraldine

 2005/5/29 11:46

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I am so sorry, I feel so foolish. What can I say, nothing because it's too late the damage is done.

Don't worry about not posting right.. just simply press the reply button on a message that you want to respond to! its that simple. If you are logged in you will see reply buttons on every message that is posted. I hope you will continue to try to figure out the site.. don't worry about knowing it all right away.

If you haven't already I encourage you to check out this message: [url=]Ten Shekels and a Shirt by Paris Reidhead[/url] and also this video message of Leonard Ravenhill is great too: [url=]Video Interview of Leonard Ravenhill[/url]

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Hearing God in the movies

Ellie, I'm so excited to hear how God used Star Wars to speak to you. I will be telling that story to lots of people, because if shows how God works outside of our small "boxes", ie: expectations.

Here are two similar stories:
God saved a friend through the movie, "Jesus Christ Super Star'.

And he called me to himself through the "Phantom of the Opera" He just lifted some of the lyrics right out of context and used them to wake up my dull mind.

PS. There may be some computor whizzes on this site, but a lot of us who are not. We mess up in the technical realm or otherwise. That's why this site is called SI - Sinners Incognito (just kidding) Anyway, please feel at home.


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