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 Merkel Tells Cameron Before EU Summit: Don’t Delude Yourself

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned the U.K. to have no illusions about life outside the European Union, hardening her stance ahead of Prime Minister David Cameron’s first meeting with fellow EU leaders since triggering the political earthquake that’s shaken the bloc’s foundations.

Merkel, in her toughest response yet to last week’s British vote to quit the 28-nation EU, said that the U.K. can’t expect favored treatment once it leaves and that there will be no informal talks on a new relationship before the government in London files its application for divorce.

 2016/6/28 7:15

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 Re: The "Smoke" is Starting to Clear

First of all, there is no need to regurgitate all this polemic and amateuer statements from the press and internet. There are no riots and we do not have war.
This is a Christian Forum and not and activist platform. Thank you.

I moved back from the UK to Germany in 2014, so I had my own personal Brexit before the real one happened.

We still have 2 grown kids in the UK and life has become uncertain for them.

Britain is under judgement. You may have noticed that they lost a soccer game against tiny Iceland which is very humilating for a soccer mad nation.

Britain needs our prayer. They have fallen from great heights. In the 18 year I have lived there I noticed that pride in various forms is a big issue in Britain.
From them issued much of the revivals and movements of God for centuries. Now there is an opportunity for them to repent, as they did in the past.

The EU is perhaps running toward a superstate. So what. History has already been written. The Lord appoints and removes kings.

We do not need to survive when it comes to persecution from government side because we will be resurrected soon after provided we stay faithful to the end.

My 2 (Euro) cents ;)

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I am not sure what link you removed, but the OP link is the one I clicked on that had that stuff on it.

Thanks again!

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Narrowpath wrote:

"Britain is under judgement. You may have noticed that they lost a soccer game against against tiny Iceland which is very humiliating for a soccer mad nation. "

If that is the case we Italians are certainly blessed.

 2016/6/28 11:26

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I am thinking that afterall maybe, UK was remembered on its contribution to the spread of the gospel and for its help to Israel that it is forbidden to be a part of hegemony that may give rise to the seat of power of the new world order or a resurrection of something ominous.

I am aware how its morals and faith has plummeted, but maybe for the sake of them who mightily served the gospel in the past a sort of revival will be granted once more.

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 Re: Oops - Deleted

David Winter

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 Re: Britain



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