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 Dr. Dobson: "Trump is a baby Christian"

Not entirely sure what to think about this.
On one hand, It would be great if Trump truly got born again and repented and changes were made. I am sure many have been praying for his salvation. On the other hand I am wondering if he is just pandering to the evangelical crowd and telling them what they want to hear to get votes.

 2016/6/26 14:48

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 Re: Dr. Dobson: "Trump is a baby Christian"

We were all baby Christians at one time..
We need to pray and pray and pray..
In Him


 2016/6/26 19:47Profile

 Re: Dr. Dobson: "Trump is a baby Christian"

Time will always does. "Pray for those in authority that you may lead a quiet and peaceable life."

 2016/6/26 20:05

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 Re: "Baby" christian?

With all due respect to Dr Dobson...that sounds like wishful thinking to me.

Even a so-called "baby" christian should have repented from his sins and made confession of Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord...and should be bearing fruits of that repentance and faith


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Dobson says more about himself than Trump there. If Trump is indeed a Christian in need of maturation, then Dobson ought to be helping him lay down all worldly hope, all worldly power and ambition and to quietly serve Jesus in love and truth. But Dobson has always played the role of would be kingmaker and nothing has changed from him.


 2016/6/27 7:49Profile


This is the needed sanction by a suppossed elder in Christendom. What it is is politics..........bro Frank

 2016/6/27 9:25

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Well said Tim!

Mr. Bill

 2016/6/27 10:40Profile

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 Re: Trump a baby Christian

You shall know them by their fruits. In other words, if it's real, we will see it.


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To say Trump is a baby Christian is to be ignorant imo. Trump has stated, several times, that he has nothing to be sorry for and then to call him a baby christian? He esteems Norman Vincent Peal as awesome? I think what is going on here is Dobson is part of the Republican religious right and he needs to point 'his people' in a direction of which to vote so to his stopping down to call Trump a baby christian is in that direction. Dobson........don't be a hypocrite! Get out of politics so you don't turn to lying.


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 Re: how quick we are to devour our own:/

Does not the article clearly state that he had recently come to faith in Christ Jesus?
So if that testimony is true, and we have at this point no reason to doubt it, would he not be a newborn?

Can't speak for all the saints here on SI,... But it took me a long while to really become a proper disciple and become a productive servant bearing fruit...

While because of the political context of this mans situation some may doubt his conversion is true, let us remember that our God is above all earthly rulers and political systems and schemes. So maybe we should pray privately rather than cynically throw rocks publicly...

I mean if it does turn out to be genuine, I hope to read the public testimonies of repentance here on SI from all whom found it meet to publicly denounce it...

Our tongues are a thing we'd do well to bring under submission to the Lord~


 2016/6/27 13:05Profile

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