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 (Becoming a Prophetic Church) 2. Jewish Unbelief by Art Katz

Greetings in Jesus!

After listening to this message that Art Katz's gave, I have come to want to add something to what this most excellent brother had over all shared, and to say .....

When the Devil is unable to blind Christians to the prophetic purposes of God concerning Israel and the Jews, his next deception is to divert Christians in the errors of Christian Zionism.

I would preface matters by pointing out that there are valid evangelical organizations such as "Christian Friends of Israel" in which I know well, that is based in Jerusalem and some others I could also name that are both Christian and Pro-Zionist. They are moderates, Christo-centric as opposed to Israel-centric, and therefore biblically balanced in their approach. They do stand for Israel's right to exist, warn of the dangers of Islam to Judeo-Christian civilization, and work to point the Christian church back towards its Hebrew root. They do not, however, turn their backs on the local Israeli Body of Christ in order to placate the Rabbis and to cultivate good relations with Israeli politicans.

While these organizations are not evangelical, they do stand with Israeli Messianic believers in their quest to evangelize Israel, and the people in these organizations will often share their faith on a personal low key basis.

I have no agruement with that. However, I am do with Christian organizations that I could also name, that I know that have agreed to withhold the gospel to the Jewish people, and in some cases do even teach against presenting it.

Every Jew is either under one covenant or the other. They either accept Jesus as the Messiah who fulfilled the Law, or else they remain under its curse --- an accursed people under the power of a curse that only the blood of Messiah can break.

Its not enough for Christians to just say, we love you Israel and to support Israel politically, and in tangible humanitarian ways, and to withhold the gospel from the Jewish people.

In Christ,


Jacob (Jake)

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