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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Another prof. blames Christians for Orlando shooting

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 Another prof. blames Christians for Orlando shooting

Leslie Mcnamara compares majority-Muslim such as Yemen and Saudia Arabia to majority-Christian countries such as Antigua and Barbuda.

In just the latest instance, University of Maryland instructor Leslie McNamara claims that ISIS’ “distorted interpretation” of Islam is in fact “not different” whatsoever from the views many Christians espouse.

“Yet there will be those who will attempt to connect Mateen’s homophobia to Islam. In support of their argument, they will point to Muslim-majority countries, such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, where homosexuality is a capital crime. However, there are countries where the majority of the population is Christian, such as Barbados and Antigua and Barbuda, where it is illegal to be gay,” she continues.

Though homosexual activity is illegal in Antigua and Barbuda, the State Department said in its Antigua and Barbuda 2014 Human Rights Report that the law against it “was not strictly enforced,” and that “[t]here were no reports of violence committed against LGBT persons during the year.”

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Notably, the ten countries where being thrown from a rooftop is an acceptable punishment for homosexual acts are not just “Muslim-majority” but are governed by Sharia law—the uniquely Islamic body of law. Barbados and Antigua and Barbuda, on the other hand, have strong Christian correlations but are not governed by any explicit Christian set of laws.

Furthermore, the two island countries have a combined estimated population of 383,040 whereas the estimated population of the ten countries where homosexuality is punishable by death is 408,718,813, according to the CIA’s World Factbook.

McNamara blasts conservative lawmakers and the NRA for preventing stricter gun control laws, saying the Orlando tragedy could have been prevented with a few more “background checks.”

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“The reality of the Orlando incident is that all of this could have been prevented if the United States had stricter gun regulations including background checks. It is unfathomable that Mateen, who had been twice investigated by the FBI, was still able to buy the assault rifle and handgun he used to commit the horrendous act,” she writes, blaming gun control retailers for the Orlando massacre rather than a negligent FBI.

“Another problem is the simplistic narrative of gun control, as voiced by the NRA, in which it is continually alleged that gun control reform is a violation of the Second Amendment,” she adds.

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McNamara then concludes by calling on her fellow gun control advocates to defeat the “inaccurate narrative” presented by the NRA.

In the wake of the Orlando tragedy, many pundits and professors have taken the opportunity to scorn Christians who want to uphold a traditional definition of marriage, arguing that there is really no distinction between fundamentalist Christianity and radical Islam.

“The NRA has been widely successful at delivering this message, while gun control advocates have failed to defeat this inaccurate narrative,” she writes, adding that “with this Congress, stricter gun regulation is doubtful.”

Indeed, the Senate rejected two proposals Monday evening for more expansive background checks as well as two measures that would have prevented suspected terrorists from buying guns.

 2016/6/22 17:58

 Re: Jonathan Katz Katz accuses the "Christian Right" of trying to reignite

University of Buffalo prof. Jonathan Katz claims that the narrative about Islamic radicalism is just "camouflage" to distract attention from "homophobic" conservative policies.

In a previous interview, Katz accused the "Christian Right" of trying to reignite the culture wars, and called the Catholic League the "American Taliban."

A University of Buffalo professor claims it was not Islamic radicalism that motivated Omar Mateen to slaughter 49 people and maim 50 others last weekend, but rather Republican, conservative, and Christian beliefs.

Jonathan Katz, an Associate Professor of visual studies who was one of the first full-time American academics to be tenured in gay and lesbian studies, postulated in an interview Tuesday with the university’s faculty and staff paper, the UB Reporter, that terrorism and ISIS are distractions from the actual issue of anti-gay violence, which he claims is promoted by conservative rhetoric.

“What we are trying to do here is camouflage the root of the problem, which is a long history of violent political rhetoric and homophobic policies by Republican officials and their conservative allies,” Katz asserts.

He goes on to blame “the Right” for deliberately using ISIS as a strategy to misdirect Americans from the “pattern of anti-gay violence in the U.S.,” and then urges Americans not to allow this tragedy to “be used by our enemies in ways that obscure its cause."

Omar Mateen, the alleged shooter, pledged allegiance to ISIS during his rampage, and according to FBI director James Comey, had undergone “radicalization” prior to the attack. The FBI also reported that Mateen had expressed desires to become a martyr to his co-workers, with whom he also discussed Islamic State beheading videos.

“The ISIS thing is a distraction and it allows this tragedy to be reconfigured into a political argument against terror instead of looking at the long legacy of anti-gay violence in this country that has itself been stoked and promoted by the Christian right,” Katz argues. “The cause of our current violence is more likely to be found in this country than the Middle East.”

According to the Pew Research Center, of the seven Middle Eastern countries Pew surveyed, an average of 83 percent of people in those countries believed society should not accept homosexuality. Israel had the highest number of people who believed it should be accepted, while Tunisia had the least. Ten Middle Eastern countries punish homosexuality with death.

Katz then asserts that the national conversation should veer away from ISIS and terrorism, and should focus more on anti-gay violence and the “need for gun control.”

“We need to look at why we are allowing American citizens to legally purchase assault weapons. Trans-people are killed in this country on a regular basis just because of their mere existence,” he claims. “What happened in Orlando is part of the pattern of anti-gay violence in the U.S. We cannot allow this tragedy to be used by our enemies in ways that obscure its cause. We have a homophobia problem in this country and that should be the focus.”

Previously, in a July 2012 interview with Buffalo Spree, a magazine featuring articles about Buffalo events, dining, arts, and style, Katz accused the “Christian Right” of trying to reignite the “culture war” and called the Catholic League, the nation’s largest Catholic civil rights organization, a “vile group” and the “American Taliban.”

Campus Reform reached out to both Katz and the University of Buffalo for comment, but neither had responded by press time.

 2016/6/22 18:14


Sounds like the progressive social activists that George Yancey writes about in So Many Chrisyians So Few Lions.

Look for this to increase under a Clinton Presidency.

Lord prepare us for what is to come.

 2016/6/22 18:58

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Islam must be insulated and protected above all other values. Truth is the left does not value homosexuality nearly as much as it does Islam. This is partially why homosexuals may be executed in cold blood by jihadis here but preaching the gospel to them and proclaiming biblical truth is seen as heinous.

We should be cautious not to bite the hook. Islam is baiting America into a void of antichrist conduct that secularism has been unable to fill. The protectors of both Islam and homosexuality, such as Katz in the article, do not care one whit about homosexuality or gay rights or gays and lesbians. What they care about is hating Jesus, what they are relying on to bury Hom once and for all is Islam, and what they are leveraging to both exercise the tyranny of Islam and excite the sympathy of soft spined mush minded unbelievers is homosexuals. The entire matter though is to protect and promote Islam. It is sheer genius. It is the kind of genius only Satan can devise.

When you hear or read from now on anyone who is NOT gay promote gay rights know that their real object is to promote Islam. I know it sounds crazy but that is EXACTLY what we are seeing.


 2016/6/22 19:57Profile

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