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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Serious food crisis in Venezuela

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 Serious food crisis in Venezuela

I ran across the story not looking for it. It seems there is presently a pretty serious food crisis in Venezuela that has led to many riots etc. I didn't know this was going on. The story can be Googled.

David Winter

 2016/6/20 8:36Profile

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 Re: Serious food crisis in Venezuela

I've read some about it- its pretty horrible.


 2016/6/20 8:41Profile

 Re: Serious food crisis in Venezuela

Yeah, this is pretty much always historically the final end result of socialism (&/or Communism, as they are related) once it takes its full course. Like Margaret Thatcher once famously stated, "The problem with socialism is when eventually you run out of other people's money". I hear they are hunting down dogs and cats to eat & worse. Sad. May the gospel spread like fire there so that even in what the devil means for bad, God intends for good, & may the Lord protect & bring together His bride closely in love & sacrifice in that place. Could be us one day in the USA too, even though most Americans don't believe anything could ever bring it about here.

 2016/6/20 8:53

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 Re: Serious food crisis in Venezuela

This has been ongoing for several months.

One thing that struck out to me was that the Leftists in power are using it to force support. Because of the food crisis, trucks carrying food are escorted by armed guards. There is also a powerful nationwide biker gang that supports the ruling party. They have been accompanying some of these trucks and refusing to give or sell food to those who do not support the party.

I watched a video by VICE which detailed that the cost of food is 20x the minimum wage. People seem to be in a very difficult situation. They have access to things like media, smartphones, FaceBook and Twitter but not enough food. The all political parties are very active using these means to influence a population of which 80% have regular access to FaceBook.

This situation reminds me of the prophesy which talked of a time in Jerusalem where they would throw their gold in street because it could not buy them enough to eat. This is the same situation in Venezuela.

The New York Times tells how most people will tell you they haven't had anything to eat for over a day. Many accounts talk about how many people get into lines and wait all day only to find that supplies have run out. Some people start waiting at 1 AM in an effort to buy some food.

There are so many problems and so much suffering and all I can do is watch and groan. Come Lord Jesus!

As many as 40 percent of teachers skip class on any given day to wait in food lines that snake through Caracas like spider veins, according to the Venezuela Teacher's Federation. School director Helena Porras has asked nearby supermarkets to let teachers cut in line. And she's disciplined staff for selling students passing grades in exchange for scarce goods like milk and flour.

Associated Press, June 20, 2016

 2016/6/22 1:15Profile

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Bruceton TN

 Re: Food riots in venezuela

Some times things are not what they seem. Todays media is a massive lying misdirection operative. Venezuela was not aligned with the US and the US didn't like it. Someone wants their resources so plans are laid and eventually the country is overthrown and it's revealed who it really was. Evil at work.

Everyone misses the obvious; the people have money to buy....

The suppliers have been shut down so that the country can't get what it needs. The supplies run out and the shelves empty. Then the country is turned into chaos and overthrown. That's how it works. They weren't able to get food and necessities shipped in because of restrictions placed upon them like you see against Russia.

The IMF and other agencies are created to loan money that can't be repaid and suddenly you are another puppet country.
The world today is filled with evil. Many devil worshipers everywhere and few that follow Christ.

We are at the end. They too aren't able to buy and sell because they haven't "made up with their brother". Words the Pope used.

James R Barnes

 2016/6/22 9:30Profile


Richest person in Venezuela is Hugo Chavez' daughter.

The oppressed people of Venezuela know who is has caused their pain. No illusion in their mind who is to blame.

 2016/6/22 12:10

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