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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : To hear Franklin Graham tomorrow

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 To hear Franklin Graham tomorrow

Four of us from the church here are going to take a van in the morning and drive about four hours to see Franklin Graham speak at the capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota. A few more may drive in other vehicles. Franklin is visiting all 50 states and is addressing the needs of the nation and urging greater prayer. Pray for our travel to be safe if you would and we are praying for ears to be open to his message. The ears of those in high governmental places. I sort of feel God may be sending him with his message knowing many will reject it but God always warns before He acts. Some heed and some don't. It's due to untamed original sin within that the demise of nations come about but secular political liberalism, taking advantage of sin within, has wrecked this country. Secular conservatism is just the other side of the same coin at this point if its conservatism is exalted above a Christian world view that honors God above all. I would say now the country is approaching desperate straits and we haven't seen anything yet as to what we will increasingly begin to see. It's almost impossible to describe the changes that have taken place in this country since I was young that have led to its moral decline. This country hardly resembles what I once knew except the true church has grown admist the increasing chaos. The love of many is destined to grow cold as lawlessness abounds and lawlessness in not necessarily confined to acts of mass shooting etc. The deal is on.

David Winter

 2016/6/15 7:52Profile

 Re: To hear Franklin Graham tomorrow

Amen. Will pray for you & your group Docs. I have wondered if a man like Franklin Graham was/is not a "prophet to the nation" of Modern day America? Speaking to its common man & also directly to its national leaders warning of judgement if God is not honored, if repentance is not embraced, etc. I know some of what I read from his sister, Anne Graham Lotz was/is pure prophesying that my spirit bore witness with of great calamity, testing, trial in the days ahead & that the only answer or place to turn is into the arms of Jesus Christ by faith & repentance. I wanted to go hear him speak in Santa Fe, NM when he was here, but someone set an immovable appointment for me for my work where it just was not possible. Anyways, may the Lord be with you as you go!
In Christ,

 2016/6/15 9:36

Joined: 2006/9/16
Posts: 1796

 Re: Graham clear and to the point

Speaking very near the capitol yesterday, he put me at ease up front yesterday when almost the first words out of his mouth were let me make it very clear I have NO HOPE in the Democratic party and have ZERO HOPE in the Republican party to turn this country around and God is my ONLY HOPE for this to happen. I don't know how big the crowd was but it was large and we prayed together for this country and an invitation was given for anyone to be saved why may have come to that point. Sincere prayer was offered for the families of the Orlando victims. He then urged the church to not compromise any of its standards and urged everyone to vote and consider becoming engaged in the civic arena and even asked people to perhaps consider running for office in their local communities. We then prayed for the governmental officials in Minnesota since the capitol building itself was looming large not far behind Graham. I sort of got the feeling that of course the church will hear Graham's message but those who need it the most will probably pay scant attention to it. I feel like he is a sent messgenger although the message will largely be unheeded. It's like go and tell them my word but know beforehand it will be rejected. Of course the Christians there heard but those who won't heed just became more accountable because the word and standards of God were clearly presented. No office holding officials appeared to be there. In hearing, (and actively not hearing), they will not hear and in seeing they will not see.

David Winter

 2016/6/17 5:55Profile


Dear David and Jeff,

I was also excited to hear Franklin Graham when he came to the Capitol of Utah, Salt Lake City. I was a half an hour late and couldn't find a parking place but I could hear that voice, so like his father's going forth over the loud speaker.

When I finally got to the front of the Capitol step, the "event" was over and Graham was whisked into that red, white and blue bus. I asked people around me what happened and they related much the sameas you did.

I can't tell you how disappointed I was. I saw prominent Christian pastors here and there and a few old friends in the Lord. But, and this is just me, I didn't sense the power of the Holy Spirit moving and the crowds quickly dispersed. I guess I was hoping for some kind of revival to happen.
Things went back to business as usual so fast that I even wondered if it made any difference. Maybe it did to some people. I know that when the name of Jesus is lifted up, the Lord is there.

I wondered where the man of God who cares nothing about agendas and timetables was. I wondered why the Christians who came did not fall to their knees and cry out to God. I wondered why believers didn't stay and worship God until a mighty wind came rushing in.

I don't think Americans "have time" for God to rend the heavens and come down.

Sis Leslie

 2016/6/17 13:58

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