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 Spiritual Reality or Obsession - Watchman Nee

"Only what is in the Holy Spirit is real spiritually, because all spiritual things are nurtured by the Spirit. Once something is outside of the Spirit, it turns into letters, forms, and doctrine, which are dead. Spiritual things are real, living, and full of life only when they are in the Spirit."

"Just as no one can ever perceive spiritual things with his eyes fixed on the material world, similarly, no one can ever think through to the Spiritual realm with his brain."

"There is something that the Bible calls "truth". It is nothing other than reality. In relating to this truth-this reality-one is delivered from doctrines, letters, human thoughts, and human eyes."

"We must worship God in spirit and in truth (John 4:24). What is of the spirit is real, and what is not of the spirit is not real. When the spirit contacts God, there is truth, and when it does not, there is no truth."

"When a person contacts the reality of the Holy Spirit, he touches life. If what he contacts is merely doctrine, he will not receive life."

"Unless there is revelation, men cannot know who the Lord is, for it is only by revelation that a person can discern Christ. We need to remember that Christ is not known by our outward senses- such as optical, auditory, and tactile. Knowing Christ is the work of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit, no one can perceive the reality of Christ."


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