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 A Message To American Churches - Dan Biser

"Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts. . ." Romans 1:24
"For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections. . ." Romans 1:26
"God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient" Romans 1:28

Here we are! We have arrived at this place in Romans 1, 'when God gives us up" which has for the last 18 months become so often preached and quoted. And more and more in the prayer times I have heard and asked myself, as well, 'How'd we get here?'

Ravenhill quoted in the last 1970's, early into the 80's before his death, numerous instances of many saying 'The Lord's favor is not here in the US any more'; or his favorite phrase, 'we have no prophet in this nation'.

1. How'd we get here: very simple - we, as the church, disobeyed God; we left off the Word, prayer, fasting, obedience; settled down for a convenient, easy going definition of what it means to be a follower of Christ. And as the church went, so went the nation. For the nation was already filled with a majority of lost men and as the church lessened its place the nation only tumbled and spiraled further away from Him into gross sin.

2. Now that we are here, what's next:
this is one of the most horrifying things to me. Now that God has given our nation up and over to these unspeakable things. There are 23 specific sins mentioned in verses 29 - 31. And each is a response to deepen and cause greater calamity.
I have asked several, (and would like to hear from you) regarding now that the issue of transgender has come to the front of the next level of abominations, what's next? The evil workers of iniquity in government, education, business etc. have been pawns of the devil and hell to accelerate evil in our nation for his purpose of destruction and death. we see these in the headlines constantly now.
For example:
--drug overdose and addictions continue to multiply across the board; the deaths of young parents is sending the foster care of states into emergency panic. For example in a near county to me, a foster care worker said that they had 65 foster kids at the beginning of this year; 5 months later with a rising death rate of overdoses and children removed from the home they are now approaching 200 children in foster care. And there is no sight of this lessening. That means by the end of the year they will have 400. Where's the foster parents/homes, money, resources to fight this? It isn't there. This is an unaddressed reality coming in the near future.
--murder/homicides and muder-suicides continue in our nation at record rates; and again there is no sign of relenting now that this is setting into motion; cops - domestic - schools - work - churches - streets
--laws and court cases being fought on all levels for legalizing of drugs, rights for transgenders, homosexuals, etc. Could Sodom have been any worse?
--a lack of any nearness to a Christian perspective, biblical knowledge, disciplined Christian day to day practices, lack of adherence to right and wrong, moral and immoral; the arriving at calling good, evil and evil, good;

After all this increase of evil in our land, homes, streets, schools, and churches, what is the next level of evil coming? Hell is emboldened to finish this nation off while the church plays Christianity and continues in its disobedient attitude of prayer and holiness.

Now that you have endangered and assaulted the children in their innocence and naiveness what is left to sink us?

3. What's happening right now?
--In southern WV there are now 3 counties reporting a great work of salvations in the high schools. this has continued for over 5 weeks now.
--In northern Indiana, Revive Indiana has continued for over 450 days with meetings.
None of these are what we would say 'wildfire' spreading, but for their remote area. And small numbers being impacted.
--prayer activites and prayer happenings are at a record number of events for this year;
The desperation and necessity is becoming more urgent due to the above mentioned evil multiplying. But where evil is multiplying, Christians and churches are only adding prayer times and moments. It is not enough. Mostly because it is a prayer of 'get me out of this trouble/need'. It is for self-preservation not for God's power and glory.

4. So what happens next and what are we to do:
1. evil is going to continue to intensify; hell has been emboldened to our lack of response and their thirst for blood is now whetted. God is allowing this now to judge us as a nation. There is no repreive now from God's wrath; this is for over 50 years of abortions that has filled the nation's land with blood; for our vanity/greed; for our selfishness; for our love of sin. The cup of wrath is almost filled and will be poured soon. This last effort of Pres. Obama all but brings us now to that place where a great catalysmic event is due to set into motion.

It will make Dec. 7 and 9/11 look like nothing. It will match some of those bible passages where God smote 10,000's of 1000's in His wrath.
How? I don't know. I watch the weather disasters continue; but out of His mercy we only see at times the one's and dozens killed I see the murder death rate and drug overodses, but that is only in the 100's. Today I read where there is now in the land a germ resistant to antibiotics, the 'superbug'.
Old Testament reveals 3 ways of such a scale of God's wrath - war, famine, pestilence. I'm watching all 3.

2. the church must still respond in obedience. A time of leading, practicing and implementing a great sorrowful, fasting, weeping, crying out to God for mercy, for revival, for power, for His Presence. As I have responded for so many years now, I call this, 'a Proper Response'.

So here we are now, at the end. You and I are to 'continue in prayer' making our walk in holiness before the Lord. Giving the Gospel eternal message to each and every one. WE are out of time, the end is near for our way of life. The cup of wrath is full and 'Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?' You know He will. Let us follow and obey as He leads and wait more often before Him. And if the church, leadership and traditions fail to respond, know that they too shall be removed and God will hold HIs remnant for His Own purposes or simply take us on home.

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