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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : A burden/testimony I felt I would share..

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 A burden/testimony I felt I would share..

I have often wondered
what suffering we unknowingly endure?
unbeknown to those who suffer most,
We have lost the power of the death of Christ
Someway we have misplaced the awesomeness
of the Son of Man
to now a popular theme
of modern life
a method of attaining comfort and peace
What is lacking in the churches today?
No tears found anywhere
No hearts rent with pain
at the sight of a world crumbling
only a passive testimony of divine resurrection
an impossible paradox.
The power of God is unknown
WE make Christ to be a liar
for we have not even done half of what He ever did,
much less greater things yet
Perhaps I scarce am worthy of any diagnosis
but even in two years of faith
I have found Truth to not be alive,
in our midst.
So powerless,
that should the world peek within our midst
the Gospel would be ridiculed.
So powerless
that we bring the forces and
methods of the world into our
rather than the authentic
of God.
Many have tried to sedate me
to simply accept this shallowness
but my heart would die
I hope
if I ever did take that as truth.
I have glimpsed more.
perhaps then
would almost curse
that our Lord is
a personal God.
For He has stirred something
within me, I have seen
something of the authentic
Son of God.
Being sold out to God
is a sold out idea,
one ought not to be so
foolish (!)
as to
throw oneself
over the edge of
with no other security
besides our loving Saviour.
Most must have a still-dead Jesus,
including me, often,
somehow the Holy Consuming Fire
inhabited a soul,
but didn’t manage to set it aflame
at the door.
We have forgotten our God,
who loves infinitely,
who has not forgotten us,
yet for us life without
His holy Presence
will suffice.
We do not weep over His goodness to us,
we do not weep ,
because He is not overflowing in our midst
Rather, we enjoy what
we can
of this world
while we still can,
because, much to our dismay,
one day all these things will
pass away.
Passivity in the presence of the Creator of the Universe
is absolutely impossible, I do not care what the wisest theologian
or church member may say!
We have created something impossible,
a passive Christianity,
redemption without [re]dedication,
a saving Cross, but one we need never touch,
a just God who doesn’t care
how we use our Life,
that He so preciously gave us!,
He just wishes that we live in comfort and peace,
securing something
for our children who are to come.
Absolute treason.
The Word of God does not
cut souls asunder,
it doesn’t lash a single conscience,

What state of passivity
have we reached,
after speaking with 'spiritual men'
I must conflict, with doubt, in
my mind and soul,
"is there such a thing as too
When I wonder "can I
be too radical
for my Jesus
supposedly means everything to me?"

My heart hurts to see it, and
i see myself in it too,
the curse of lukewarmness,
we say all of the right things,
our passion for Christ,
the desire for souls,
our desire that all would be to
the glory of God!
But such a spoken word,
if truly conceived, and believed in the heart,
will be followed by the passion
spoken of.

I feel God gave this to me, but not for me. Please, absolutely no glory for me .
God bless you brothers and sisters


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