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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11



I agree that we must be very discerning and even skeptical at times when someone states they met with Jesus and have a new idea or a great new exciting facet to a truth. We are recovering in the West from hundreds of self-proclaimed tv evangelists and prophets who have met with Jesus many times and seem to have the closer relationship with God so we need to give them our money.

Oh what folly to believe such things! Of course our Lord has appeared to believers and I would say that we should not be against experiencing this in our own lives. But sadly the flesh of man is the same and some will want to write a book and sell the experience.

Our Lord did appear to the Apostle Paul:

Acts 23:11 New International Version (NIV)

11 The following night the Lord stood near Paul and said, “Take courage! As you have testified about me in Jerusalem, so you must also testify in Rome.”

What an honour for our Lord to "stand" beside Paul. I encourage saints to re-read the book of Acts again and believe that the same things can happen again in North America. God is the same.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/5/20 7:21Profile


Brothers and sisters I ask respectfully again. Is God appearing to the Muslims in dreams and visions which is resulting in their salvation. Do you attach any credibility to these reports?

Respectfully submitted.

 2016/5/20 8:06


Blaine, It's up to him and obviously he appears in visions and dreams to Muslims, Jews and many more. It's those who make things up for fame, fortune and notoriety that cause the genuine works of the Lord to be doubted.
Obviously the fruit of such appearance is the test of authenticity.
If it's wax fruit it will melt in the sun or heat. If genuine lives are changed and the name of the Lord is glorified. Thats my humble and accurate opinion anyway.

 2016/5/20 8:16

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


Brother Blaine,

I do believe those reports.

A dear friend of mine, and older sister in Christ, is a Jewish believer.

Years ago, when she was in the hospital and did not yet believe in Christ, after crying out God in prayer all night long... Jesus appeared to her in her hospital room.

She gave her life to The Lord, became a Christian, has put her hand to the plow and never looked back.

All glory and praise to the Lamb who was slain!

 2016/5/20 8:20Profile


In the early church they saw God everywhere and in everything. Today very few Christians see Him anywhere or in anything.

Now having said that I agree with Greg when he says .....

"Of course our Lord has appeared to believers and I would say that we should not be against experiencing this in our own lives. But sadly the flesh of man is the same and some will want to write a book and sell the experience."

Sadly I believe that much of the Charismatic movement has been a Trojan horse designed to infiltrate the Pentecostal movement and discredit the genuine sign gifts. Also, to make a mockery of the genuine supernatural ( barking like dogs and so called holy laughter among other things) ........bro Frank

 2016/5/20 10:20

 Re: Carmone

Brother I like your analogy of wax fruit. If their fruit is counterfeit after the result of a counterfeit experience. It will melt in the fires of affliction.

But if the experience of Jesus is genuine. Then it will stand the fires of affliction. This is what I believe the early church went through. This is what the Muslims who come to Christ are going through. Even in the fires of persecution these brotherd and sisters know their experience of Christ is real. This enables them to stand the persecution. Just ask the three Hebrew young men saw the Son of Man appear to them in the flames of the gurnace so the persecuted see the Lord Jesus Christ appearing to them and walking with them through the fires of persecution

Appreciate your post bro. Simply my thoughts.

 2016/5/20 11:17

 Re: Brandi

Sister Praise God for this marvelous testimony of a Jewish believer. Our brother Frank shared with me that they're over 100,000 Jesus believers in Israel. Many of them coming to Christ through dreams and visions.

Thank you for sharing this powerful testimony dear sister Also appreciate your OP. And indeed all praise to the Lamb who was slain for what He is doing in this final hour of redemption.

Bro Blaine

 2016/5/20 11:26

 Re: Bro Frank

Brother your insight resonates in my spirit. In the early church they saw God everywhere and in everything. Today very few Chriatiabs see Him anywhere or in anything.

Do agree we need to guard against the counterfeit of the enemy which is manifested in the flesh of man.

My thoughts bro.

 2016/5/20 11:33


I totally agree Frank.

The devil doesn't waste time counterfeiting what in the genuine has no substantial value. That's the poisoning of the well where the enemy sends counterfeits to try to bring reproach & get people to doubt/discredit the true.

If not right off, eventually those who are truly His sheep recognize the counterfeit, but let us not change our theology where we doubt/discredit the true.

 2016/5/20 14:24


Amen, Frank.

The enemy brings confusion and chaos through his lies and counterfeits and one of his strategies is to make Christians so passive that they are weakened in their faith and don't even consider that the Christian life is a supernatural walk with a supernatural God. They just give up and resign themselves to an intellectual faith. God desires signs and wonders to accompany our walk but not for us to get our eyes on the sign or wonder, but to keep our eyes on Him.

The book of Acts is the normal Christian life in my opinion.

 2016/5/20 15:31

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