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 The Service of the Sharp Sword - T.A. Sparks

"There is a side of things where you must not condone, where you must not compromise, where you must not be gentle - your effect must be incisive. No one can misunderstand a sharp sword, or a polished shaft; that's something that no one can misunderstand. And so it is necessary for this aspect of Divine service to be present, it may go altogether against your natural temperament; you want to be on good terms with everybody. Well, remember that you may, you may by that way, just fail to do a piece of work for the Lord. Sometimes we have to put aside our own feelings like that, and be very faithful."

Full Article here:

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 Re: The Service of the Sharp Sword - T.A. Sparks

from the article:

"He was a sharp sword, He was a polished shaft and He had that effect upon everything that was false and wrong, and contrary to God in truth, however pretentious it was. Yes, that was His effect. And that is one aspect of the servant of the Lord"

"It cannot understand this law of the Kingdom of Heaven, this law of real spiritual power - the meekness of Christ. The meekness of Christ. But, like it or not, dear friends, the most potent thing in this universe was the meekness of Jesus Christ."

I would say that the hardest words of the Lord came out of the greatest love in His heart.

Ravenhill said: "before you whip them weep over them" A true friend can say a strong word and do it from great love. Of course careless sharp words do damage incalculable in the kingdom.

I would also like to share this free resource for saints on amazon kindle:

Contentiously Contending: A Word to Today's Apologetics Emphasis

This short volume is one of the best I have read on the subject of "when" to contend with others, and has many wise admonitions in place for us.

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Amen brother, every sharp word had better be spoken from love or it is not from the Lord at all...and certainly not Christian service. I think is the entire intent of brother Sparks article.

I agree with Ravenhill and have had the misfortune to walk this road many times. On more than one occasion I have had to weep over my own son until I could weep no longer, but in the end I still had to bring that sharp word. Thank God that my son had a teachable spirit and listened to that Word and repented, or else I fear he would be lost today.

"My dear brothers and sisters, if someone among you wanders away from the truth and is brought back, you can be sure that whoever brings the sinner back will save that person from death and bring about the forgiveness of many sins". (James 5:19)

 2016/5/16 14:37

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 Re: The Service of the Sharp Sword - T.A. Sparks

Amen! The Word of God is a two edged sword that divides asunder spirit and soul, joints and marrow, God's servants are called to minister the Word of the Lord, and it is the sword of the Spirit, so it is as the Spirit wills.

God has a sharp pruning knife that will cut away all that is hindering us and is causing us not to be fruitful branches. The same Word that cuts the cancer out of the Body, also is the healing Word.

Jesus had some very strong words for the religious leaders of His day. It was He "who is love" that was speaking the words that are Spirit and life.


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 Re: The Service of the Sharp Sword - T.A. Sparks

Amen and amen.. Obedience is better than sacrifice..
May we walk in notorious obedience ("


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