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 Rest in Your Freedom - Dustin Horstmann

"and, having been set free from sin, have become slaves of righteousness." Rom. 6:18

That is who you are now. You are a slave of righteousness. You are not trying to make yourself a slave of righteousness. God made you that already. Notice the passive tense: "having been set free from sin". Set free by whom? By God. Let it sink in: you were set free by God. Again: you ... were set free ... by God.

Next, notice this: "have become slaves of righteousness". This is our new identity. This passage doesn't mean you became a slave of righteousness when you did your best to submit every area of your life to God. It's talking about a deeper work that God did for you that made you a slave of righteousness, the result being a lifestyle of submission to God.

What do I mean? Before we knew God, we were in the flesh, in the kingdom of darkness. We were slaves to evil desires and we wanted to be. We liked it. It was simply our nature to love evil. But when Christ's glory shone upon the eyes of our hearts and we trusted in Him and not our works, God circumcised us, freeing us from the flesh and raised us into the kingdom of light, a new creation. Now our nature is to love God. We are slaves to holy desires and we want to be. We like it.

So, let it sink in: you ... have become ... a slave of righteousness.

It's done. It's who you are.

 2016/5/15 12:54

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