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Some years back, we had few churches. There were very few ministers who were so respected, most of them walked on foot. Some had motorcycle, but they were very effective. And those few churches were making impact in their communities. But now, we have so many churches, countless well resourced ministers but the rate of effectiveness has become so low. I have been wondering. As I deeply continued to ponder on it, God drooped something that fell strongly in my spirit. Long back, there were quality Christians even though they were few in quantity, but now we have more quantity but less in quality. Long ago, there were Christians who valued God, who understand the importance of what it means to be Born Again. They were so sincere and genuine, and we are lacking that in our generation. But then, Christians never wanted anything to do with sin, they chose to fully and continually remain in God’s power. But nowadays, we seem to rather have no problems in fellowshiping with sin. In our generation, we seems to have more “show off” type of Christians than those who are really genuine. We tend to do things for people. Doing things for people to see but inwardly, scheming evil. We are more focused on getting a good word from people, to the extent that we pretend to be who we are not, only to convince the eyes of mere human beings.

Arthur Rosh

 2016/5/14 16:27Profile


Maybe first a quick reminder not to post links ;)

I agree with the post. What is the real difference?
Imo it comes down to this: are we dying to self or do we use religion to try and have our best life now?
Have we discovered the "narrow way " or are we made to believe the "broad way is ok - at least it is popular just look at the numbers "

In another thread I quoted a popular preacher who writes he is "committed to helping them discover how they can reign in life through the abundance of grace..."
He has a big church with all the glitter and glamour!

The Biblical way is to surrender all, to be "crucified with Christ " so He can reign in us!
" Reign in me, sovereign Lord Reign in me..."

 2016/5/15 0:42

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