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What is this with sexual immoralities? it makes a married man to abandon his family and go for another woman, it makes a married woman to cheat with every little opportunity she gets, it have damaged the life of many young ladies and destroyed the future of many young men. What is this with fornication? both the youth and the old, finds it hard to stop even when it is directly working against them, it have made many to be prisoners of there own flesh. Many men commits a lot of evil just to get money to satisfy there sexual partner while many women have committed a lot of murder all in the name of abortion just to hide the shame of there sexual sin. Why is it so hard to stop, even when it has cut short the life of many? Sexual intercourse is a covenant and once you sleep with a demon possessed entity then you have indirectly had covenant with the demons in them and they will seriously work against you, how can you know who is possessed? even your next door neighbour can be used as an instrument to get you. The greatest weapon of the marine kingdom is fornication and there are a lot of marine agents in human form looking very beautiful and handsome searching for souls to condemn, marriages to break and young destinies to destroy. Why welcome sorrows into your life by just having a few minutes of fun? Refuse to be a slave to your flesh, Refuse to welcome destruction into your life. If you are married, respect your marriage vows and say no to adultery, that is the only way you can have a fruitful and peaceful marriage, If you are single decide from your heart and avoid it’s thoughts then you will be far from it, self discipline and determination is all it will cost you to abstain from it and save your life and destiny. You can go share love with those in hospital, widows, widowers, orphans and homeless, that is true love, Refuse to fall a victim of this valentine. Believe me, your life and destiny is worth more than that few minutes of fun. God bless and have a blessed new week.

Arthur Rosh

 2016/5/14 8:13Profile

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