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Knowing about the heinous schemes of the devil enables you to overcome him. Prophet Elisha ensured the King of Israel had victory over schemes of King of Syria by revealing those schemes. Since time in memorial, FAMILY has been the most susceptible to strategic arrows of the devil. Divorce, single parenting and couple murder are frothing today. Unfortunately, the Church is unknowingly housing men, women and children who are private casualties of the slowly- gnawing prison of the devil. I stand to declare to you the secrets that have been devised in devil’s yard. Read through, let not the length put you off. A partner you get when under the power of pornography and masturbation, is a sugared poison that will destroy you, with time. Worst of all is to marry such a ‘sugared poison’ before you are delivered. Friends, the surest grenade that the devil is using to annihilate a family and distort marriage is pornography and masturbation. Most youths are frequently present as per the devil’s register of masturbation and pornography class. The best way to destroy a flower is to mar it while in the bud. This is exactly what the devil is doing to marriage,by first distorting couples while they are youths. They get into marriage, already disqualified candidates. Many youths are struggling with masturbation and pornography, both in secular world and in the church. Ooh God, have mercy! A lasting marriage and a happy family are becoming extinct, unless we heed to what God is saying to this generation. Some have even gone to the extend of vowing to remain single till eternity, BUT they do not have a call to celibacy. This is because the devil has caricatured marriage into the ugliest stature. Couples murdering each other, divorce and separation, single parenting, increasing number of street children,…these are just symptoms of a deadly disease whose cause is masturbation and pornography. Parents, pray for your children, they are in the den of masturbation and pornography. Couples, pray for your spouses because they are in this den. Singles, pray for your future spouses because they are in this den. Church ministers, pray for the congregations because they are in this den. You pray for your friends because they are in this den. The devil wants to be your spouse so that you may have a marriage relationship called hell. This, he achieves through masturbation and pornography. Put on full armor of God, the battle is sophisticatedly spiritual. Everything on earth is traceable to family and marriage: corruption, terrorism, tribalism, racism, homosexuality, adultery, robbery, them. This is a voice crying for family via a lasting marriage. If you have ears, listen to what God is saying to this generation!

Arthur Rosh

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