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Everyone must read this book. THis is awesom, timeless, inspired by the spirit. This is heavy stuff, not many will be able to bear it, it is worth everything.

This is THE book of the hour...

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I would vigorously encourage anyone interested in apostolic truth to study this book. However, the details concerning God's work in this man Katz' life is makes me hungry and thirty for God and disgusted with my life. I understand why "charismatica" as he calls it has disinvited him to meetings and conferences. In fact, prophetic conferences routinely make it a point to not invite him. I love it! He like Christ is a religious deconstuctionalist.

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Yes! This book is a bright burning signpost on the journey to Christ, you can read it online at the following link;

[url=]Apostolic Foundations by Art Katz[/url]

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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Absolutely, little wiggling room with Art and I absolutely [i]love[/i] that...

A taste:

[b]Seeing the Unseen[/b]

God’s provision for bearing the things that must come in this life is looking upon the things that are eternal, unseen and invisible. The issue of seeing is crucial, and I know it is going to take a conscious and concerted effort to bring us to this kind of seeing. Everything presently conspires against it. The world wants to fill our eyes with all of its voluptuous images. Everything is clamoring for the attention of our senses. We are continually bidden to look down upon things. It takes an apostolic determination to break that, to close out the things that are visible, and to focus and dwell upon the things that are invisible and eternal. It will produce a remarkable thing in us, namely, a growing indifference to the things that are of the world. Paul did not look at the things that are seen. He wrested his eyeballs away from the visible, sensual things that would have been a gratification for his soulish, physical life. By his insistence not to see the things that were visible, God gave him to see the things that were invisible and eternal.

To be called to this kind of seeing is another name for suffering. The things that are seen give us assurance and confidence, but to turn our eyes onto the things that are invisible and eternal will produce a wrench in us. It is going to require an exertion and a moral energy to divert our eyes from the sensual things that are ever and always before us, and to learn to direct and fix them on the things which are invisible and eternal. To make that the basis for all our seeing is at the heart of apostolic! Do we see this world as under judgment? Do we see it as soon to pass away? Or are we overwhelmed and intimidated by the things that are visible?

Mike Balog

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It's been said before, and worth saying again - this book is revolutionary.

If only we could truly grasp the depths of what truth lies here within, and find the grace from heaven to live it.

Ryan Couch

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