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 Re: I give up. I'm done.

Prayers answered!
God is good:))

Very glad to hear dear brother~


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Amen! What an amazing thing - that God is so unpredictable! Hallelujah yes I also rejoice with you, that we simply need to submit, and leave "the results up to [Him]." Glory to God, glory to God!
A few weeks ago (and I could not have recieved this word from heaven at a better time), I was reading a devotional, many of you may be familiar with it, Oswald Chamber's My Utmost for His Highest. Anyways, the devotional was titled Gracious Uncertainty.
And I must say, my heart has been flowing with that truth ever since, that we are totally certain of God, that He is, that He never changes, that He is Good.. But "we are graciously uncertain" of what God is going to do! OH hallelujah how wonderful - and as Chambers pointed out in the devotional, most people take the words "[we] don't know what a day will bring forth" in an entirely negative view, when it shouldn't be that way! We can wake up in the morning with rejoicing, saying "God, I know You are, You were, and You always will be! But I have no idea what You might do today in my life, and I rejoice and thank You in that! Thank you Lord for the gracious certainty I have of You, and thank you for the gracious uncertainty of what You might do today!"
With rejoicing, and love,


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 Re: TAO of Jesus

I noticed you mentioned the TAO of Jesus. Have you read this book?

Christ the Eternal Tao

Hieromonk Damascene
Valaam Books, 2004 - 548 pages

Publisher description: People of the modern West have to a great extent become jaded by Christian terminology and doctrinal constructions, yet many of them are drawn to the Person of Christ Himself. Christ the Eternal Tao seeks to develop not only a new way of seeing Christ, but also a new language by which to express His message, drawing from the enigmatic style and poetic language Lao Tzu.

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This is heresy. (as you already are aware of i am sure) You also know something else.

 2016/5/11 15:28

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Thank you again, everyone. I'm looking forward to moving forward!

No, Jeremy, I've never read that book. I didn't know it existed but I wouldn't have any interest in it. I was simply making a play on words, as advertisers often do: T for trust. A for Abide. O for Obey. Those are the three things that the Holy Spirit is encouraging me to become rooted in.


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