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 Praying Through by William Cawman

Prayer, unless it reaches the ear of God, is absolutely valueless. How few people seem really to believe that it is possible to pray in such a way that God actually hears and answers. Heaven is no doubt grieved with many so-called prayers, because they are never directed toward the ear of God.
No other atmosphere stifles enemy powers more quickly than that created around one who has just prayed clear through. As long as we are content to live without this, we may expect no great threat from opposing forces. The enemy bothers little on any other line. He would rather see us do anything else than get in contact with God. When we set out to pray until God in heaven answers, the enemy will contest every breath of that prayer.
Praying through is rarely the occupation of merely a few moments snatched from a busy day. The blockades which Satan places in the path of our getting through to God are meant not only to hinder us but to stop us. These are not removed by simply wishing them gone. Prayer is work, and work has become unpopular. The discipline of staying with a job until it is seen through to the finish is becoming rare, and the work of pulling down strongholds of enemy resistance does not appeal to many. Praying through demands too much; it is easier just to pray.
Oh, how many times we stop short in our praying! We should beware of any mere relief of conscience that we have prayed. We must pray through. We should not pray and take for granted that God has heard us. Our praying should leave us in the very presence of God who can answer. We should not cease praying because we feel better than when we started. The proof that God has heard is that God has answered.
Praying without praying through can become a deadly opiate. Leaving a battlefield where God intended that we should hold on until the enemy suffered a shameful defeat, only to hope that all will be settled rightly, leaves us weakened, defeated, and confused. The smoke of too many battlefields never clears away. Supposed victory is not victory. Decisive victory comes only with the prayer that goes clear through.
Not every prayer is such that it goes through. It is not the time spent, nor the many words said, nor the vehemence of the petition. It has been said: “To pray is to say, ‘Let Thy will be done.’” What takes us so long is getting the channel clear for God’s will to be done. We may not always know in a moment where all the obstacles lie, but there is a way to reject all that hinders us from breaking through into His presence.
Praying through has rare rewards. Oh, what a clearing is wrought in the heart when God is allowed to step in! We may be pressed by a thousand foes, and harassed with accusations, but in a moment rise master over all. Our God has triumphed!
We ought to pray, as did the Lord’s disciples, “Lord, teach us to pray.” How blessed are those who have learned the importance of praying through. Whatever it costs, wherever it places us, regardless of the opposition, we must pray through. It is worth all that it has cost in that moment when God Almighty answers from heaven, “Here I am!”


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