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 New Book: Forgiveness by Roy Daniel


We recommend this wonderful volume for those who need ministry on this area of their lives:

"C.S. Lewis said, 'Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive.' Forgiveness is something taught by our Lord to practice. Roy Daniel's book on forgiveness will lead you to practically forgive, release others and in the end be free yourself. " - Greg Gordon

brother Roy forgoes income from the book so he is doing it for helping the body of Christ, Praise God.


Forgiveness: Overcome the past to Be Christlike in the Present by Roy Daniel

This book uses real-life illustrations and provides practical, applicable, and Biblical principles to guide the Christian toward forgiveness. By God’s grace, it bursts open God’s truths in a heart-warming way. Whether you struggle with bitterness, desire to help someone else, or know someone bitter towards you, it will make you laugh at yourself and cry before God.”

About the Author
Roy Daniel travels the world spreading the gospel of Christ and encouraging believers in the faith. He currently lives in South Africa as a full-time missionary with his wife Jerusala and three children, preaching and working on a variety of Christian media projects.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: New Book: Forgiveness by Roy Daniel

I believe I will take a look at it. Obviously unforgiveness is a blockage to becoming more Christ like and I'm wondering now if unforgiveness may be a reason for unbelief still dwelling in parts of a believer's heart. We have believed God but still can't believe Him in many areas it seems. I'm wondering why and what the blockages are.

Thanks Greg.

David Winter

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The harm done to one's family, when forgiven, is always a moving account. Amish, others of that theological heritage of pacifism, who have done so ---- just blows me away.

I buried deep resentment for a long time toward a family member, and it made matters worse not better. I did forgive, genuinely, right before he died, and it was a sorry state I'd brought on my own soul and deprived us both of healing. In the end, the greater fault between us was my own.

I fear that within me I could carry resentment again like that. Don't want to, but like George Strait used to sing, "I know me."

Just being real with you.


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