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Can you elaborate how this analogy explains the concept of 'new covenant theology'.


Just so we are clear it is not "new covenant theology" but is called "covenent theology." And also it was formed during the reformation times and not before.

Brother Zac Poonen has been using the phrase "new covenant" from the scriptures in his messages so I do not want saints to confuse the two:

New Covenant Principles by Zac Poonen

The blessings of the new covenant by Zac Poonen

Dispensationalism and Covenant Theology are sort of polar opposites, of course there is truths in both systems of thought but overall they are reactions and SermonIndex does not hold to either view. There might be a few messages on SermonIndex touches on these theology's but overall we do not believe Scripture should be interpreted strictly by either mindset.

It is of value to watch these Zac Poonen messages and ask myself am I living in a New Covenant reality in my practical walk with the Lord? It does not matter if I am figuring out mysteries of the Scripture but am I obeying Scripture?

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Thanks for the clarification, Greg.

That makes a lot of sense as I have been looking for this new belief system called, "New covenant theology", and could not find it.

 2016/4/30 10:12


Actually there is a New Covenant Theology:

New Covenant Theology
Some see New Covenant Theology as a middle ground between Dispensational Theology
and Covenant Theology.
Giving a precise outline of New Covenant Theology is difficult because there are
differences among those who hold to this system.
“It is somewhat difficult to critique New Covenant Theology for at least three reasons.
First, New Covenant Theology is not a monolithic movement. New Covenant
theologians differ on some of the nuances involved with defining New Covenant
Theology. Second, New Covenant Theology is a relatively new school of thought.
Though there is much in print on New Covenant Theology, there is no definitive work as
yet. Third, one major adherent of New Covenant Theology has recently acknowledged
that he will have to modify his understanding of the New Covenant Theology and revise
some of his published works” (Barcellos,
In Defense of the Decalogue,
page 8)
New Covenant Theology sees a discontinuity between the Old Covenant and the New
The New Covenant has a distinctively new character to it
The New Covenant law of Christ stands in sharp contrast to the Old
Covenant law of Moses.
New Covenant Theology teaches that the New Covenant has replaced the
Old Covenant.
“The primary premise of NCT is that the New Covenant as mediated by
Christ is a brand NEW covenant, which totally replaces the Old
(From a paper,
In Defense of the New Covenant”
by Michael W. Adams)
Where Covenant Theology recognizes the eternal, unchanging nature of God's
moral law New Covenant Theology denies this
God did not reveal His moral law to Adam, Noah, or even Moses
The Ten Commandments were temporary
Whatever is repeated from the Old Testament in the New Testament is
binding but if it is not repeated it is not binding – again marking a
discontinuity between the OT and the NT.
(In response to this position Richard Barcellos writes, “It is simply not
true that only those things from the Old Testament repeated in the New are
still binding. Where is the exegetical basis for such a claim? There is
none. Where does the New Testament tell us that the absence of the Old
Testament commands is the death knell of such commands?” (Barcellos,
In Defense of the Decalogue”
Page 86).
New Covenant proponents believe that God waited until the coming of
Christ to reveal His perfect law.
Christ has actually changed God’s laws
The Law of Christ is actually different than the law of Moses – this
is distinctively seen with the 4

 2016/4/30 10:51


Thank you, Brenda!

 2016/4/30 10:56

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That info from Brenda and other like it is why I posted as I did.

Let me say this. If you agree with this system, I love you in Jesus and hope you love me the same. I'm not digging under rocks to find areas of disagreement.


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