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 Praise and thanks for me

The Lord has really been at work in me and around at times as of late. He has given me some grace in my life lately like today as I was reading the scripture it was like old times with me and the words were popping out at me and I had a strong desire to look into the word more and the scripture was making sense to me. The Holy Spirit was teaching me the word. That hasn't happened for a long time, so I am so thankful for even if its one day that the Lord has done this. It means so much for the Lord to work in me and reveal his self to me. So I am so thankful for this. Second, thank you for your prayers the Lord unexpectedly brought a great fellowship and Bible study in my life. I was going to go to a Good Friday service and my wife and me got in an argument and I left to go and I was so miserable about it that I decided to not go to the good friday service and just drove around and it was even on my mind and I drove by this church that I have tried contacting about my struggles before, but they didn't respond to me the last time, but I never actually went into the church before, it is hard to go to a church sometimes for the first time. I saw that they were having service as I was driving around and I decided to walk in, I said hey i was planning to go to a service anyways. I went in and it ended maybe ten or fifteen minutes later. Two of the people said hi and told me about Bible Study their on thursdays. I left but I decided to go that thursday and was not planning for a long study. I got to the study and we were waiting for a few other people and I got to talk to the leader Rob who is close to my age. I really enjoyed talking and fellowshipping with him. The study started about seven and they were going through the book of Daniel. The study lasted till about 9:30, but I could tell they could have gone all night. I myself couldn't, I wasn't expecting it so I was growing a little frustrated, I am use to the conventional church service. But, at the same time I was telling myself if this is the way I am responding, their something wrong with me and my heart. But, anyways these people love the Lord and his word. I was drawn so much to their passion for the Lord. So I decided to start going regularly. Very happy.

John Beechy

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 Re: Praise and thanks for me

Keep it up. Don't let daily struggles knock you off stride. Hang in there, John.


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 Re: Praise and thanks for me

This sounds really wonderful John. So nice to hear this story. Maybe you will get to know people in that church who can be a blessing to you.

David Keel

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Thank you for sharing such good news John. May God continue to bless you in fellowship with an open heart for all the good things He has in store for you.


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