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Discussions are always polarizing. Who says truth is democratic? Humanists.

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Joined: 2008/5/3
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The way these discussions are handled here goes something like this:

"Your endtimes are not mine endtimes, I have my own endtimes teacher that knows more than yours"

Ok, but doesn't scripture give us directions and understanding?

"You cannot just read what it says, it's just symbolic"

So you prefer your explanation over the words of God?

"No, I just put them into the light the way they should be understood"

Ah, i see, and the proof that that would be correct is....?

"Author A, author B, and many many others"

But it has been proven wrong and be declared heresy by the early church councils (Preterism)?

"Well, yes, but it is still true and I believe it to be so"

Thank you, so we have to agree to disagree?

"Well, how to fix this, how about: “In essentials unity; in non-essentials liberty; in all things charity.”

Great solution, let the truth be out there somewhere, why bother with it at all, let's just talk about something else then. Or even better: Never mention that subject again, because it cannot be understood.


When a humanistic approach takes the lead, these things have to go out the window:

Reproving compromising preachers is a fundamental doctrine (Galatians 2:11-15).

Church discipline is a fundamental doctrine (1 Corinthians 5).

Separation from compromising brethren is a fundamental doctrine (e.g., 2 Tess. 3:6).

In Essentials Unity: What the Bible has to say about this important topic:

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 Re: End times desperation

Todd said: "Just some random musings. I dont want this to be a discussion of End Times views but rather why it is so polarizing. I'd like everyone's honest opinion."

First, I have to say it. I don't think I can't NOT say it because I'm like a pot boiling over: I love eschatology! I've been studying it ravenously for 31 years! The sheer amount of joy, hope, peace and especially comfort, that it offers is worth infinitely more than all the riches of the world combined! And, in today's world, at this point in biblical history, doors are being blasted open with opportunities to share the gospel! "Wait, did I hear someone mention Jesus? I've got the coffee ready! Cancel all of my appointments, Helen. Let's talk!"

Sadly, yes, it can be polarizing. (Such a fancy word for divisive.) The internet increases this exponentially because of the anonymity and not having to face those we're speaking to.

The short answer has already been given: Pride and the idolatry of self. Some people just have to be right. But, how often have we seen anyone "win" an online argument or debate. And even in some of those rare few times, at what cost did it come?

I love discussing the end times. But I refuse to debate it online. It's fruitless, especially if we were to honestly expose motives. And it has the potential to hurt, confuse and put off those who may be lurking but searching, reading the online debate as part of their own research. I speak from much experience there.

I've often wondered why God didn't make His end time plan more clear. Maybe to test the love of the brethren? To test our obedience? Motives? Purity? The level of our complete surrender? Or maybe it's simply to confound Satan and his followers to keep them in the dark? The reason(s) could be anything and everything.

But, I think it's more important for us to be careful in how we conduct ourselves, constantly examining our pride, self-control, anger, love, motives, etc., We should also be aware of WHY and HOW we believe what we do, especially since the scriptures aren't 100% clear on it. Have we fasted and prayed while conducting our own studies? Or do we simply believe what "sounds right" or "makes sense" to us? Are we simply parroting what our favorite Bible teacher says? Have we ever laid aside everything we think we know about it and set ourselves apart to seek God on the matter? Are we even willing to be wrong? What's our purpose in the discussion? To be right? To lambast our opponent or the unbeliever?

It's my belief that "being right" on the matter of end times doctrine is much less important than the questions I just asked and more! It's going to happen the way it's going to happen whether we're right or wrong anyway. So, what's more important than remaining humble, loving, and being a peacekeeper, esteeming others better than ourselves?

The subject is polarizing because of sin and pride. Also for the lack of obedience and the fruits of the spirit, especially self-control.

Oh, and "I don't know" is a completely acceptable answer. In fact, it's often more honest and keeps us humble.


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Well stated Keith. Good word indeed

 2016/5/1 17:42

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I would just as well have a discussion on when the sun might burn out, or the stars might fall from the sky, why not? We know about as much when these might happen, as we know about when the end will come. If you really want to know something that man will never know, why waste your time asking or debating man, why not ask the Holy Spirit within, I'm guessing if you don't get an answer from the Holy Spirit, you don't need to worry about it.


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