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Jeff, it's not just Mauro, but other writers and posters that you smear, like you are doing to me with your biting sarcasm.

Why do I have to keep pointing out the obvious?

You play so dumb, but I think you are smart enough to know what you are doing.

Many read your posts, it's not just me that sees what you are doing.

Your sarcasm is just a smokescreen for your embarrassment and unwillingness to apologize and stop doing what you are doing. I will call you on it every time... Just in case you really don't know what you are doing.

 2016/4/12 18:22

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Though we disagree on doctrinal points are we not redeemed by the same blood of the Lamb? Was His blood shed in vain on us? We were children of wrath (ephesians 2) and not worthy of this great salvation that we now enjoy.

In the end does it matter that we disagree on something when we will be in the same heaven rejoicing and praising the same Saviour? Christ allowed Himself to be slandered and did not fight back, are we both right? Can we follow the example of our Lord and humble ourselves at times.

Can we serve each other and try and learn something good from each other? It is Satan's plan to bring disunity, divisiveness and name-calling amongst true believers. We will stand before the Lord soon to take account for all our motives words and actions and He will say to us that how we treated the very least of the brethren is how we treated Him.

We are locking this thread and ask the same discussion topic does not start again.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

 2016/4/12 18:48Profile

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