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 Re: Tracking down the Ulitmate Apologetic

Hi there ye fellow Apologists,

I have recently returned to one of the most magnificent 4 part series on 'Spirit of the New Age' by Ravi Zacharias. If you want an up-to-date view from this super Prof. you will find that your pen will be moving faster than Flash Gordon, as you try to capture his wonderful grasp.
He clearly states that in today's society in order to lead men and woman to Christ, we need a far wider understanding of the change in the mindset. I tend to agree, the whole paradigm has shifted, since Total Quality Management in the workplace, Outcome Based Education in the Schools, and now Church Growth Movement in the Churches, we are being hammered from all sides it seems, and to answer people where they are is not getting easier, he explains that over the last 10 or 20 years the American mindset seems to have made a massive change in direction. I am still listening and trying to get a fix on his exact views, regarding secularism etc.

A listen worthy of two ears, and an open heart.

In Jesus,

edit-add: John Piper Sermons, wow!

Eric John Sawyer

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