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 Marching to Zion

Click the link below to watch the 1 hour and 36 minute documentary,

"Marching to Zion"

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 Re: Marching to Zion

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 Re: Marching to Zion

I have really held back on this issue on the forums (the controversy in Zion) so as not to be perceived as "having an agenda", but I am going to work on a post in the days ahead showing some shocking truth & history that seldom/never gets brought forth on these forums. Phillip Mauro has had his say on these forums & with much praise (& maybe aspects of his ministry are good outside of his eschatology, I have no idea?), & many other Replacement Theology/Supercessionism works. Well, I am going to share some truth NOT getting light here. Not harshly, not proudly/arrogantly, not in pride, not in contention: but for the sake of truth. Be watching for it.
God Bless,

 2016/4/3 11:37

 Re: ADL Deeply Troubled at Upcoming Documentary Film Denigrating Jews and Judaism

ADL Deeply Troubled at Upcoming Documentary Film Denigrating Jews and Judaism

New York, NY, November 24, 2014 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is deeply troubled by the upcoming release of a new “documentary” geared toward Christian audiences that purportedly will focus on “the history of the Jews,” but in fact will likely serve as a tool for denigrating Jews and Judaism.

The documentary film, “Marching to Zion” is a project of Steve Anderson, the pastor of the Faithful World Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, and Paul Wittenberger, a conspiracy-oriented filmmaker from Los Angeles. Anderson, who has a history of anti-Semitism through his sermons and a series of YouTube videos, is co-producing the film with Wittenberger.

Slated for release in March 2015, the documentary’s promotional materials describe the film as covering a number of anti-Jewish themes, ranging from claims that “Judaism’s Messiah” is the Antichrist, to the “blasphemous teachings of the Talmud and Kabbalah,” to “scriptural evidence that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people.” Anderson is heavily promoting it on YouTube.

“Pastor Steve Anderson’s warped views of Jews and Judaism are a perversion of our faith and people,” said Rabbi David Sandmel, ADL Director of Interfaith Affairs. “It is deeply troubling when a pastor uses his pulpit to misinform fellow Christians about the nature of Judaism and to promote hateful anti-Semitic myths.

The film also will feature Texe Marrs, a Texas-based pastor with a lengthy history of promoting anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories.

Anderson denigrates Judaism in a number of clips on YouTube publicizing “Marching to Zion.” The titles betray their anti-Semitic agenda, including: “The Jews are the Racists,” “Taking Part in the Jews’ Evil Deeds,” Jews are Antichrists,” and “Jewish Synagogue = Synagogue of Satan.” He paints Jews as an evil force and claims God has rejected Jews, since Jews do not accept Jesus as the Messiah.

Anderson founded the Faithful Word Baptist Church in 2005 in Tempe. The church has a small congregation and is not affiliated with any mainstream Baptist denomination. In August 2009, the church, which is also known for promoting extreme positions on homosexuality, garnered national attention when Anderson sermonized that he was praying for the death of President Obama.
Sermon Index should not allow the promotion of this anti-Jewish propaganda

 2016/4/3 12:07


"Steve Anderson, the "pas­tor" of Faithful Word Baptist Church, regularly preaches about the evil of the Jews, branding them as bigots, children of the Devil, Antichrists and other anti-Semitic terms. In a perfect storm of conspiracy theorists, the hate-monger has announced he is co-producing the film March­ing to Zion with Paul Wit­ten­berger, a conspiracy-oriented film­maker from Los Angeles."

This is what the 4 horsemen of Sermon Index are promoting here continually
with this wicked agenda, This is not about theology. Theology is the covering agent used to promote this vile wickedness, Surely this must be reigned in at
least in this place that claims Jesus as Lord.

 2016/4/3 12:14

 Re: Accused Anti-Semitic Pastor Plans ‘March On Dearborn’ To Save Muslim Souls

DEARBORN (CBS Detroit) Because it has the “greatest Arab population in the United States,” a pastor with a soft drawl, earnest delivery and alleged anti-Semitic rhetoric plans to march on Dearborn.

The suburban Detroit city is the target of Steve Anderson, pastor of Faithful World Baptist Church in Tempe, Ariz., for a march planned for Friday, June 26.

Anderson says he’s going to bring as many followers as he can plus 1,000 copies of his movie “Marching to Zion” — which has been criticized as anti-Semitic — to distribute to what he perceives as a receptive Muslim audience. He urges followers to order “Free Palestine” T-shirts from for their demonstration.

“If you wear this shirt, it’s going to protect you in Dearborn,” he says.

The plan is to “get these DVDs into the hands of these Arabs,” he adds in the promotional You Tube video. To that end, part of the movie has been translated into Arabic, he says.

There’s obviously an audience for his message. Anderson’s “After the Tribulation,” released in December 2012 on You Tube, has more than 1.6 million views.

His latest “Marching to Zion” movie is billed as something that “traces the history of the Jewish people from the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70 to the founding of the modern-day nation of Israel in 1948.”

It “examines Biblical evidence, cutting-edge DNA science, mathematics, and testimony from pastors and rabbis” in a quest to “settle once and for all one of the most controversial questions of all time: Who are God’s chosen people?”

When it was released last year, the Anti-Defamation League released a statement revealing the group was “deeply troubled” by what it thought would be a denigration of the Jews.

“Pastor Steve Anderson’s warped views of Jews and Judaism are a perversion of our faith and people,” said Rabbi David Sandmel, ADL Director of Interfaith Affairs. “It is deeply troubling when a pastor uses his pulpit to misinform fellow Christians about the nature of Judaism and to promote hateful anti-Semitic myths.

On this trip, Anderson’s goal is to recruit Muslims, who he says need the Gospel. He never directly addresses Jews.

“You see, most of these Arabs in Dearborn are Muslims of course and we all know that the Muslims are going to hell in a hand basket,” Anderson says in his recruiting video.

He has reportedly preached sermons in the past with titles including “The Jews and their Lies,” and “Jews are Anti-Christs.”

Anderson plans for parishioners and whoever else gets on board to meet at an Allen Park Panera restaurant early June 26 for breakfast before marching the streets of Dearborn to spend the rest of the day “soul winning.” It’s unknown how many people plan to join, but the church’s Facebook page has more than 5,000 fans.

“We want to have as many people come as possible,” Anderson adds, telling people to come from anywhere “nearby”, including Chicago.

Dearborn Police were not aware of any public gathering permit requests issued on behalf of Anderson or his church.

 2016/4/3 12:20

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Steven Anderson is a very dubious character and it takes very little discernment at all to realize that himself and other strong KJV only fundamentalists are wrong in what they assert. Of course there is truth mingled with errors and they are very zealous so some things might be good to hear.

It is without doubt that God has preserved the jewish people for His end times purposes. This does not mean that jewish people are saved by being jewish as all must embrace our Messiah, Jesus Christ.

It is also clear in Scripture that in Matthew 24, ALL NATIONS will hate Christians including the jewish nation and also America.

But without doubt it is clear the Scriptures teach that the Jewish people are separate then all the gentiles (all other nations in the earth) and God desires the Good News of Jesus Christ to be proclaimed to the Jew first and then Gentiles.

And in the end jewish people will embrace the true messiah (Jesus Christ).

Of course in the end times there will be an Antichrist that will not only delude Christians but Jewish people and other Gentiles (all other nations). But this does not make the current Israel wrong because some will embrace and even some speculate that the Antichrist will come and proclaim himself antichrist in Jerusalem.

This film is full of alot of assumptions. Saints do not be discouraged to love Jewish people and rejoice that there is a state of Israel and God is doing a work to prepare for the end of the age. May they see the reality of Jesus Christ in us and let us be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit to share the love of Jesus with them.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Thank you Rev & Greg for stating what I was thinking.

If you want a real, honest, factual history of church history in anti-semitism I can't recommend this book enough:

"When a Jew rules the World" by Joel Richardson. Even if you disagree with eschatological viewpoint & stay where you are (I will still treat you as a brother as does Joel), you will be enlightened on some church history I am certain 99.99% of the church wasn't aware of (not just Roman Catholic, but evangelical Protestant & respected men like Luther, Calvin, Augustin, etc.). I was frankly shocked, saddened & blown away. It is worth a look saints

 2016/4/3 13:55


Greg, do you think the Scriptures teach that God is going to have another age of salvation after the Church age? If so, will it be for all people or only the Jewish people? Or do you think the Church age is the final age before Jesus comes back in judgment?

 2016/4/3 13:56



You're welcome. The eschatological viewpoint expressed by the people you mentioned and a few here are a direct influence used to demonize the Jewish people and nation. One object of this is to harden them towards the gospel. It has succeeded in some part but this too will ultimately fail. Many Jews are being saved now and many more will be grafted into the vine of the Lord as he opens their spiritual eyes.

Blessings to you and your family.

 2016/4/3 14:46

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