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 Just cain't shake Greg's words

"It is clear that from what brother has posted that we have 2 roads to follow, either the road of humility before men and the Lord or pride seeking to be right with our words but wrong with our heart attitude. To try and win every argument on any thread on SermonIndex is a wrong mindset. We should never want to even want to win the argument, rather we should seek to serve each other, and pray for each other."

Not to try and win every argument even with a wrong heart attitude but to rather seek the road of humility to serve and edify one another in Christ at SI. I'm getting valuable, pruning and adjusting personal heart insight just meditating on and thinking on these words. I just cain't shake these recent words but why should I want to?

"We should never want to even win the argument...."

I'm thinking the depths of Christ like spirituality in that statement go even deeper than deep. For me they have ended up having tremendous meaning and implications for everything and has touched the heart of this believer. "We should never want to even win the argument." That valuable and searching word is from the good Lord.


David Winter

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