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I said no such thing about this mans or any mans marriage. You are trying to put words in my mouth.

My post is crystal clear for those who have ears to hear the truth.

Regarding "gossip", please look up the definition of this word to understand what it means, before you disagree with what I am saying. I also said that Saeed is being maligned and accused by the nature of this opening post.

Sandra, why do you feel it is your place to defend Blaine? He is a man, let him speak for himself.

 2016/4/3 22:01

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The reason I defended the OP is because too many males do not take seriously reports of other males abusing their wives. That is why I wrote what I did. As a female I have no respect for any leader, or male who will abuse his wife.

To suggest this report is gossip ...before this report surfaced I had serious questions about her absence when Saeed was released. It appeared she was not close. Very odd....

Being a religious leader does not exempt one from treating his wife with dignity and love. This is my point. Take it or leave it.


Sandra Miller

 2016/4/4 19:50Profile


No worries sister Sandra. Judging by the silence from the forum and the moderators it would seem I am in the minority in thinking that discussing allegations about other believers is acceptable and is not considered gossip. I disagree.

It would be unprofitable to continue to labor my point...but I have said my peace. Perhaps one day a long time from now, God will direct someone to read this little thread and come to see - that gossip is wrong - anytime, in any format, in any place and for all generations.

May God continue to judge my heart in these matters, that I might learn His ways and keep as far away from the ledge of compromise as possible. I have a long way to go but I am determined to walk as Jesus walked, because as He was in the world, so must I be too.

 2016/4/4 22:14

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Brother Mark, I with you here, sometimes some of the threads of late on SI reminds me of something that might find in the National inquirer. What ever happened to just discussing the word of God? Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think I've ever read in the word, we're Jesus and his friends had these kind of discussions, but maybe they did, I'm still learning the word. I've always heard, If you spend more time praying for people, instead of talking about them, you'll get better results.


 2016/4/5 0:02Profile


Thats a good and encouraging word brother Bill. Perhaps it wouldn't hurt for me to give a little background as to why I feel so strongly about this issue but it is too long to share here, so I will start a new thread tonight.

 2016/4/5 1:01

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