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 God is Trying to Get at That Thing in You ...

This sermon is a confirmation to a conclusion i'd come to some time ago that to many saints have come to total disbelief that "judgment" will ever befall the house of the Lord ...

God is Trying to Get at That Thing in You ...
by David Wilkerson - 2 Chronicles 36:14-20

Br. R ... :beard:

 2005/5/20 11:05Profile

 Re: God is Trying to Get at That Thing in You ...

Judgement will always come to the house of the LORD. God begins to do a work that will separate the sheep from the goats, He does it with His presense or the lack thereof. For those who have lived thru revivals would no more then we. In every instance, God stirs hearts to seek His face, they sacrifice their time to meet with Him. During this time, people are not coming to church, they are falling away until finally God brings forth His chosen few to reap in another harvest that has been going on since the foundation of the christian church at pentecost. Before the outpouring at Azusa, there were only a faithful few, but years before that great day, I imagine that church was full, but the people experinced a Golden Age and then they fell away. We have experinced a Golden Age called the Baby Boomer age, and they too fell away and so we are encouraged that another great move of God MUST take place for our generation who have never seen the Red Sea part, or the great things God hath done in Egypt, but our forefathers have seen and experinced it, and we have only heard of stories of what it was like.

By the way this is not a preterist viewpoint it's just an observation.



 2005/5/20 15:12

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