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 Pilgrim's Progress

Have any of yall read Pilgrim's Progress?

It is a fantastic book and very much describes the life of a believer. I have never really read it before (I made an attempt once, before I really cared to follow hard after the Lord), but it certainly is a great book so far!

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 Re: Pilgrim's Progress

I read it a good while ago and agree it was very insightful. The version I read was "old English" and a tad difficult for that reason. I am assuming there is an updated version that I wouldn't mind checking out.


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 Re: Pilgrim's Progress

The version I have is the original. Not sure if there exists a version in updated English.

I would be concerned if there was one. It seems that every time someone tries to update the language, they also change the meaning or smooth out the grit.

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Brothers it has been several years ago. But I have read Pilgrim's Progress twice. One was in the Old English edition. The other one was in the Modern English addition. I believe the old English edition conveys what Bunyan was writing about. Some have said that Pilgrims Progress by John Bunyan was his own spiritual autobiography.

But I would certainly command John Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. Next to the Bible, it has been one of the most widely read books in the world. Charles Spurgeon commented about John Bunyan by saying that if you cut him he would not be blood but bleed scripture. And in this marvelous allegory the word of God certainly comes out.

One thing about Christian, the main character of Pilgrims Progress. He would be described as the saint that walked alone. Getting his fellowship wherever he could along the narrow way.

I'm inclined to read this book again. Perhaps this could be the beginning of a thread where Pilgrims Progress as discussed. I am certainly open to dialoguing with others whk want to read this book again. Or who have never read it.

But again certainly a classic to be read and reflected on.

Simply my thoughts.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/30 9:52

 Re: Pilgrim's Progress

Yeah, It's a great book. I have the older & newer updated version (much prefer the newer as no one talks that way anymore). I also have & really enjoy one particular movie version (as do my kids) called, "Pilgrims Progress, Journey to Heaven". You can watch it for free on YouTube at this link:

I actually have several Bunyan books (Journey to Hell, Abounding Grace, etc.). Very anointed, but thick, wordy, & difficult to follow when reading at times if not in a new updated modern English edition - FYI.

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 Re: Pilgrim's Progress written in prison

If I'm correct Bunyan wrote this while imprisoned and I've heard that outside of the Bible it has been one of the top selling books of all time.

David Winter

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Audio :

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I read it twice, once on the understanding that it was the story of a man seeking Christ for forgiveness. The second time, it was a Christian going through the journey towards entire sanctification and coming to the Cross once again. It meant so much more.

 2016/3/30 11:01

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I believe Pilgrim's progress is one of the most helpful english books for saints, perhaps in the top 10 or 30 books available for believers in english. It is one of the most printed books in the world. Zac Poonen has read it many times and even takes his congregation through it showing some of the spiritual lessons in the below video that is recommended to watch:

Pilgrim’s Progress – What We Learn From It by Zac Poonen

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