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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : North Korean Christians Ministry (AWESOME TESTIMONY!!)..

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 North Korean Christians Ministry (AWESOME TESTIMONY!!)..

Brothers & Sisters,
Check out this video link below for David Servant's ministry under the Heavens Family umbrella of North Korean Ministry. It includes an amazing testimony of a girl who escaped N Korea, got saved, & is back underground in N Korea for the purpose of preaching the Gospel! Very encouraging & challenging in examination of what/how we are personally doing in our callings/place, & our prayer, intercession & support of these brethren in unbelievable situations we have never yet had to contend with. I am only assuming the safety of posting the link because I know David & his family personally, I have been to the third world with him, I believe he has sermons posted on SI, & he was a recent speaker at an SI conference. I don't agree with David on every doctrine of theology, but I love him dearly as a brother & he is at his best (IMHO) when he is preaching/teaching on the love of money, ministry to the least of these, etc. For those who don't know, he was a "prosperity preacher" who God floored in the scriptures & who then literally sold all he had & went to care for the poor & least of these around the world. A great brother who I love dearly. Anyways, check this out on North Korean Underground Ministry:

North Korean Christians Ministry 2015 Annual Report
Check out this video on YouTube:

 2016/3/29 13:48

 Re: North Korean Christians Ministry (AWESOME TESTIMONY!!)..

Wonderful testimony! God is truly moving in the nations. Last night we heard the testimony of a young man in Bahrain who was converted out of a Muslim background. This is done through a dream he had of Jesus. The young man was discipled. He was preparing to leave for New Zealand to start a new life. But the Lord appeared to him again in a dream and encourage him to stay in Bahrain and bring the gospel to others. Just one of the many ways that God is moving.

The Lord tells us to look you scoffers and wonder and marvel. For I am going to do a work in your day at work that you would never believe even if someone told you.

Brothers and sisters I do not want to be the scoffer. But to be in the things of God in this final hour of redemptive history.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/29 14:55

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 Re: North Korean Christians Ministry (AWESOME TESTIMONY!!)..

Thank you for sharing this incredible video. Did you hear what was said? That the Church in North Korea is thriving. Praise God for these brothers and sisters that are risking their lives to take food in North Korea, and for the Korean Christians that know what suffering for Christ is all about.

May the Lord continue to grow the church in North Korea. May many prayer warriors and intercessors be raised up to pray for North Korea. May the Christians be protected and provided for.
In Jesus name we pray!


 2016/3/29 15:12Profile


Yeah, amen! It is thriving under extreme duress. Where the darkness is most dark, the light is shining BRIGHT! Open Doors has some amazing testimonies in short YouTube videos too. From lots of countries like Eritrea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc. but there was one from N Korea that really struck me. I can't remember the ladies name (in the testimony) at the moment, but it was powerful. Her name is Hae Woo actually. Look it up on YouTube under "Open Doors Persecuted Church North Korea". Hae Woo from N Korea & Fatima from Saudi Arabia are a couple of the ones I remember off the top of my head. And Helen Berhane From Eritrea. Moving, encouraging, heart-breaking, etc. all at the same time. These are our brothers & sisters & this is their reality. "The first shall be last & the last first" comes to mind. Often Considered the scum of the earth, but precious in the eyes of heaven.

 2016/3/29 15:51

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One thing that is amazing to me about
many of the Christians that are experiencing
many hardships, trials, and persecution
because of their faith is that they are
praying for the Church in America. Their
Faith is strong from having gone through
many trials, but the typical Christian in
America has a false sense of security, and
Faith in God has been replaced by reliance
on many substitutes.


 2016/3/29 18:39Profile


Yeah amen. I always marvel at that too. I hope they keep praying for America too. I want to see the revival here they are seeing in so many other places, but America is seeing very little of it (very small patches of 1 or 2 as God wills here & there, but not a massive move like in Iran, N Korea, China, etc., etc.).

I was emailing back & forth with the head leader of Global Catayltic Ministries. They have hundreds of underground house churches in the Middle East, especially Iran. I have been praying for them, but they have been praying for America. Pretty amazing & pretty humbling really.

 2016/3/30 0:14

 Re: Jeff

I agree brother. Last night I was sharing with the saints on Persecution Watch. We cannot begin to comprehend what God is doing in these end times in the global harvest. I believe we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg with the reports that do get out from the restricted nations. Only eternity will bear the stories of what God has been doing in the restricted nations.

There's a verse that Paul quotes in Acts 13:41. The verse goes,

Behold, you scoffers, and marvel, and perish;
For I am accomplishing a work in your days,
A work that you will never believe, though someone should describe it to you.

We are in the greatest gathering of souls in all of redemptive history. Reports are coming in of miracles that are taking place in restricted nations. Thousands upon thousands of people are finding salvation in Jesus Christ.

Yet there are those in evangelical circles that are scoffing at the idea that entire mosques are coming to saving faith and life in the Lord Jesus Christ. There are those in evangelical circles that scoff at the idea that a Iman can have a vision of Jesus and become a Christ follower in his heart. And remain in his mosque and testify quietly of Jesus to others. And have an underground Church even in the context of his mask. There are those in evangelical circles that scoff at the idea of that Muslims can have dreams of Jesus and become followers of Him. Instead of sitting under the polemic exposition of scripture. There are those in evangelical circles that scoff at the idea that God is actually healing people of incurable diseases in restricted nations. That such feelings bring them to salvation in Jesus Christ.

Brother I do not want to be thr onr that scoffs and marvels and parishes. But I want to be the intercessor that believes and prays for this incredible work that God is doing in these end times. I want to be the intercessor that prays that more Muslims will come into the kingdom than at any other time in redemptive history. I may never go to the restricted Nations. Though if he calls me and makes the way I will certainly go. But I can pray for the restricted nations and the gospel to go forth. I can pray for those who are coming here from the restricted nations that they will find Jesus. I can do prayer walks around mosques. There are things I may not understand about what God is doing in these end times. But he doesn't ask me to understand. But to believe and pray.

I tell the saints on Persecution Watch that only eternity will bear the fruit of our prayers. We read Revelation 7 about the multitude that no one could count from every nation, and all tribes, and peoples and tongues that no one can count. This is the bride of Christ that John saw in that heavenly vision. They are gathered around the Throne of God with palm branches in their hands and praises in their mouths. They cry as unto Him. Salvation to our God who sits on the throne and to Lamb.

I praise God that he allows Persecution Watch to have a small part on praying for this harvest to come in. John saw this as an accomplished fact in heaven. This is the Ultimate Reality. God is calling forth the intercessors to pray in that reality here on earth.

Truly may the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His sufferings.

To God be the glory and the Victory belong to Him.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/30 6:54

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