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 A Very Timely Quote & a word for all of us...

""You may create enemies because of your position, but you should never create enemies because of your disposition."

In light of a lot of the recent exchanges, I felt inclined to share this your for your consideration. Not as one "above others", but one intimately involved with my own past failures in this area, both with lost, brethren, wife, kids, etc.

Sometimes even if we are "right" in what we say, we are "wrong" in God's eyes (the eyes of truth that see all) in how we say it. Let's not think we can be exempt from being "Sons of Thunder" in need of rebuke for "not knowing what spirit we are of". I have failed many, many times here before, & am not exempt from it if I do not keep close to the Lord in truth & keep a close guard over my heart & my tongue (or pen, or keyboard).

And also, when we share things in an abrasive, harsh, or unkind, ungentle, unloving (all manifestations of pride within) way, even if we have light in an area, the darkness coming through from our heart overshadows it & nothing is ever really heard/received anyways.

Let's remember that the Lord was meek, gentle, loving, gracious, self-controlled, humble, patient, understanding, etc. If we are not these things, then "what we think we know" matters very little really. And some things are important to be known & shared. But let's not let our "zeal" blind us to our pride/disposition either.

I hope this is only received as an exhortation/admonition to love, grace, mercy & truth. This truth (of the quote) is universal to ALL OF US (regardless where we stand on a number of doctrines/issues, many of which are important too - I'm not minimizing that fact!).

I would quote 1 Corinthians 13 here, but we all can go read it ourselves. It's important that Paul told the Corinthians how important it was to earnestly covet the gifts, especially to prophesy, for the edification of the Body! But also immediately spoke of the more excellent "way" of love & how without it we are just clanging cymbals & noisy gongs. Truth we should all revisit in our secret place often & look at our own hearts, lives, words, & "ways".
God Bless,

 2016/3/29 12:06

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Dothan, Alabama

 Re: A Very Timely Quote & a word for all of us...

Brother Jeff,

and it is indeed a good word:)


 2016/3/29 12:59Profile


Jwff this a good word I particular applly to myself. In a forum like this we are behind our keyboards. Our post do not necessarily convey the tone of our voice. This is why I try to use adjectives in my posts such as respectfully or in kindness or in gentleness to convey the tone of my posts. Maybe this might be helpful to others.

Respectfully posted.


 2016/3/29 14:30


Amen. Another thing I have found is that you dont have to be involved with every thread. If a thread comes along on a subject that has been discussed many times before ( almost every subject has been discussed many times before:) then you should just let it be discussed and maybe post your own thread that is edifying to others.

I am a great believer in posting our thoughts as opposed to just reacting to others posts or cutting and pasting long pieces about what others say. Cutting and pasting used to be frowned upon here back in the day, kinda like you are letting someone else speak for you when you can speak for yourself.

God bless all of my brothers and sisters and may the peace of the Lord rain down............bro Frank

 2016/3/29 14:37


Very good word, Jeff.

The more spiritual one is the more love and patience and understanding they will show to all men, especially those of the household of faith.

Lord, give me more love (more of You).

 2016/3/29 14:47

 Re: Frank

Brother Frank I don't even know how to cut and paste. Many times that is a blessing to me in this forum.

Bro. Blaine

 2016/3/29 14:51


Hi Blaine,

I was referring to posting long dissertations from other sources rather than engage a brother with your own thoughts. Then it can just become old battles between warring factions...........bro Frank

 2016/3/29 14:57

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Hoping I'm not on the outs with anyone because of recent comments I concur with and agree with this word. Apologies if I have offended any.

Thank you and blessings.

David Winter

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 Re: A Very Timely Quote & a word for all of us...

A good word Jeff,

I have found with myself, that I hate texting, and that many times... it's not only how I text, but it's also how I hear...In what spirit I text, and in what spirit i read.... Texting about great truths to those that don't know me is a fearful thing many times.

The Great Physician and His ministers have always cut only to heal. The great sermons and messages of the past inwhere lies much Godly sincerity, (from those like Ryle, Spurgeon, Barnard, Owen, Baxter, Bunyan, Flavel, Manton, Law, Murray, etc...and today, Keith Daniel, etc, etc... Men who preach from the heart to the hearts of their hearers...Men of the Scriptures like Paul, James, Peter, the letters of John, Christ's warnings to the rich, young ruler, the pharisees, the hypocrites, the religious leaders),... the same Spirit flowing through the ages, has always warned in Love...the paradox of the Way, to die is to live, humble yourself and God will exalt in due time, to go up is to go down...

I tremble that at the Judgment those ministers whose words are recorded through this website, for the glory of God and the benefit of the brethren, will be there and testify either for or against the hearers here - there will be no excuse, God knowing all things, our consciences being enlightened and bearing witness, for what did we do with the words that were graciously given unto us?

All things should be done in the Love of God indeed. I recall Keith Daniel a few years back now (maybe 10)saying something like, 'People are trying to have me to write a book... Maybe someone can publish it when I'm dead, because if I did before that happened they'd probably kill me'... I can relate to that statement, God is my witness, in what I say is true.

We are all to be of one mind, many members but one body. Again, I'm late on my duties and must run now. I'll try to post a parable the Lord showed me in a dream a few weeks back, and will title it, "The Apprentice and the Hollandaise Sauce" - it was a word to me personally, and it speaks of what you are texting here I do believe. Look for it in a week dear brother. Maybe you can help me with the outcome. God knows accountability amongst the saints is a blessed privilege.


 2016/3/29 21:27Profile

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Zechariah 12:3

And in that day will I make Jerusalem (or the jews) a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

 2016/3/30 14:21Profile

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