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 A Beautiful Easter Morning.......

You wake up early in the morning. It is still dark but the sun is coming up. You know in your heart that this is going to be a beautiful Easter morning. You have family coming to visit. Your church is going to have a service in the park. It promises to be a beautiful day. You have a great time with the Lord in your quiet time. Then you go down to have breakfast with your wife and children. Your wife has made a marvelous breakfast. After prayer and morning devotions. You get the family together. Your wife, your children, your in-laws, are ready to go to the church service in the park. There is much joy and expectation to meet with the Lord Jesus Christ on this Resurrection Sunday.

You get to the park and you see your brothers and sisters in the Lord. Everyone is dressed in their Sunday best. Pictures are being taken with family. It is a beautiful spring morning. You gather together in heart felt Christ-centered worship. One of your favorite hymns, Christ the Lord has Risen Today, is sung with such gusto and ferver to the Lord. The pastor has a dynamic steering message on the hope of the Resurrection Life in Jesus. Then there is heartfelt prayer. And then the service is almost nearing its conclusion. Everyone thinks of the lunch that will soon be served. No one realizes that tragedy will soon erupt.

All of a sudden twin bomb blasts rip through the service. A multitude of people are slain. Many are women and children. You're thrown to the ground. You look for your beloved. Only to find that she's blown in two with blood all over her beautiful dress. You look for your children. Only to see that they are blown to pieces. Panic 9-1-1 calls are going out. Sirens are wailing. People are in a State of Shock. When the reality sets in there is much grief and crying. What was meant to be a great day of joy. This has turned into a day of tragedy.

Brother Blaine why are you posting this? Why bring this to the Forum? Why post this piece of fiction?

My brothers and sisters. This tragedy did happen. Maybe not the way in the particulars as I described it. But yesterday twin bomb blasts ripped through a children's park in Lahore Pakistan. Over 60 people have been slain. Many are Christian women and children. Al-Qaeda has taken responsibility.

Today there are grieving fathers and husbands. There are grieving families over those slain by the bomb blasts on Lahore. Tears are being shed. Dear Saints these are our brothers and sisters. Please take a moment to remember them in your prayers. Please pray that the comfort of Jesus will be up on those that have been so impacted by this tragedy. Please pray that the comfort of Jesus will be over grieving hearts today.

Posted by Blaine Scogin

 2016/3/28 7:43

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 Re: A Beautiful Eadter Morning.......

I just read that 14 killed were Christian, 44 were Muslim and 12 not yet identified.

Demonic is the only explanation for such behavior.


 2016/3/28 15:38Profile


Just heard from one of my ministry partners the count may go up.


 2016/3/28 15:57

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