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 brother David

just to read the below, indicates that there is a "mask" of sorts that is either put on, or taken the case of the post below, the mask is off, doesn't deny or explain his "belief" in "replacement theology", just accusations, and as you know, the name of the dark one, is the "accuser".

I just ran in for a second.....I address this later, neil

 2016/3/28 14:27

 Re: brother David


Unfortunately, you are not going to get anywhere. As I expected, he is blameshifting. The one who hurls unfounded accusations (doesn't know me) is calling me an accuser because I am telling the truth. See this is what happens with these people docs when you try to defend yourself and that is why I don't do it. They take your words and twist them. In other words, the excuse he is making for his behavior is because of my posting. He cannot justify his attitude so he shifts the blame back to me. Fun, fun, fun, yet very juvenile!

I think just try to ignore bullies in the sandbox and have a conversation as we have been trying to do. Incoming missiles will take place.

 2016/3/28 14:39

Joined: 2012/2/8
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 Re: brother David

To be entirely honest, I am not 100% clear on what the basis of the vitriol is.

This is because I *THINK* that those who do not hold to "replacement theology" still believe that Jews must repent and believe in Jesus in order to be saved. And I know those who hold to "replacement theology" also believe this. So I think, and I may be wrong, that there is common ground on this most vital and all-important point.

Now, if a certain segment of those who do not hold to "replacement theology" do not believe that Jews need to repent and believe in Jesus as messiah in order to be saved(John Hagee maybe?, the RC church, lately) then that is a whole different issue.

I personally know of no "replacement theologians" who are anti-Israel or who hate Jews. Sure they may be out there but if that is their attitude they are not born again.


 2016/3/28 14:49Profile


speak all the ill of me you want, make all the accusations on my character you want, but the fact remains, "replacement theology is the begotten of the pit, the doctrine of demons, and I will say to you again:

repent of your wickedness.

 2016/3/28 14:49

 Re: Julius

post edited.

Neil, because of your juvenile tantrums and blameshifting I am going to put you on ignore. I have learned as a father that bad behavior should never be rewarded or entered into conversation with. Email me if you change your attitude. Your two buddies are on ignore, too. They can send me an email if they decide to be fair-minded and stop the juvenile foolishness.


Definitely not anti-Israel. I am not anti-anybody and all must come through Jesus Christ. He is the only Door.

Docs, so very sorry about your thread. I thought it could have been a good one. I am the object of their disdain today, but if the moderators don't deal with them, someone tomorrow will be the object of their disdain and hateful responses. I can handle bullies but really sorry everyone else has to put up with this.

Docs, original posts was about you, Neil and you skirted it by blameshifting to me. The light is being shone on you but you can't deal with it, so you blame me.

 2016/3/28 14:55

 Re: Julius


He is obviously trying to deflect away from his obvious agenda and most here are delightfully seduced by his/her "kind" mannerisms. But some get it judging by the correspondence I have received. Satan is an angel of light, soft and syrupy nice as when it suits them.

Now get back to your chores.

 2016/3/28 14:55

 Re: the mask is back on?

IF....telling you to repent of your wickedness, is a "juvenile tantrum", then you don't have the right end of the stick, as "replacement theology" is plain wicked theology.

(and to even READ, that you accused me of "gun violence" towards you below, is just plain bizarre posting)

Todd, when Julius writes "Definitely not anti-Israel."....just ask him, what his definition of "Israel" is, or as he puts it, "the Israel of God" ?....there you will see the truth of such twisted theology, which is just Yahwistic "thievery".....

and Julius, "buddies"......I have brothers and sisters on this forum, and of course you never answered my question of being a regular habitué of the website, "zerohedge" and its plethora of outright virulent Jew haters there.....but that's the pattern, you ignore any kind of question, and are definitely not transparent or authentic as a man.

 2016/3/28 15:09



Doc addressed his post to you. You still have to deal with that.

I will answer your questions or rather interrogations. Zerohedge, the only time I ever read anything on that website is when another website linked to it. I have no userid and it is not bookmarked in my browser, but your association by guilt is noted. Maybe read an article 2 or 3 times on it. How often do you read it? What about all the other websites you find yourself reading, are you also associated with them because you read something on them. Apply your own standards to yourself!

I agree, the comments on zerohedge are horrible and all my friends love Jews and anyone and everyone else. But, here I go again defending myself.

My definition of Israel from the scriptures does not make me a Jew hater. If so, tell me why? Because you are about to indict thousands and thousands of born-again believers. That is slander and unjustified accusations.

And with the hate you spew towards me on the forum, tell me if I could really trust you face to face? And why? You don't sound like a very nice chap.

I broke my rule about ignoring you, but only because you are lying about me and you get away with it with utter impunity.

Conversation ended. You are not a pleasant fellow.

 2016/3/28 15:22

 Re: before Julius edits this,

as Julius has had in the past, no qualms, about going back and removing verbiage that would cast a bad light on himself, I thought it wise to capture a bit of his first "broadside" incoherent accusations of my person, BEFORE the thought it best to remove them, occurred to him.

i read them, and its just a small snippet of a rather incoherent, but hideous accusatory posting:

Basically what Neil is telling you is that he practices "guilt by association" and he is going to continue to. So, if someone believes a certain way about future events, the Kingdom of God, end times events, Revelation, etc, they will be stomped on mercilessly with no let up because they are no better than these other historical people he mentioned. He basically has become just like the enemy he hates, turning into a hater himself towards people that he knows nothing about. The way he has talked to me and others in this forum, I would not put it past him to shoot me if I was standing in front of him, because he kills with his words, what would stop him from consummating his evil speech?

here's the portion that takes my breath away, especially in the light that many saints here, actually KNOW me:

" The way he has talked to me and others in this forum, I would not put it past him to shoot me if I was standing in front of him, because he kills with his words, what would stop him from consummating his evil speech?"

oh mentor(one of them)and i have had a long running discussion/rumination on where the "line" is between outright demonic possession and mental illness....those four lines bring those many conversations back to mind.

there was a recent period, when brother Greg re-opened the forum, and it seemed that Julius took a hiatus from posting for two weeks, maybe a week....and the fellowship was sweet, then he came back.

i have no idea what a "preterist" is, (nor Praise God does he want me to)....i have no public opinion of "end times" or to parse "Revelations" publicly, any of that, so i have no idea what "mafia gang" Julius is going on about.

this is just sad, and the way of the world.

 2016/3/28 15:40

 of course you are "right" Julius

as you wrote.."i am"

" You don't sound like a very nice chap. "

"You are not a pleasant fellow. "

amen, you are right......feel better?

 2016/3/28 15:46

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