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Wow, just popping in and lot of ridicule going on. You say you are not mocking Jeff (and docs) but c'mon. We make allowances for all kinds of preachers and teachers, yet you are taking a very hard line here.

If we disregard all the truths that were revealed to men because of one error/mistake then SI will have to delete all their sermons/authors. Does anyone here know any man that has perfect teaching (outside of the NT)?

I didn't think so.

 2016/4/4 19:57


I'm not mocking.

"these views of Mr. Mauro led him in a foundational way to write that if Jerusalem came into Jewish hands again before the times of the Gentiles ended then the prophecies and the ENTIRE NEW TESTAMENT WOULD BE DISCREDITED."

Who else is respected here on SI that has made such a statement? Who was wrong?

 2016/4/5 1:04

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