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Hi all,
Interesting discussion about one of our favorite topics on SI.
I think their are times in Church History of persecution and times when their is not persecution.
Some people in past generations have died for Christ while others like for instance Billy Graham lives peacefully to a ripe old age.Althogh he preached to millions the gospel and Jesus as Savior no persecution.
Also can we separate America from the rest of the world so easily the way we do on SI.
Can we preach persecution without Hope? as well.The only hope I see in the discussions about persecution is "be prepared".This advice is about as useful as light house in a a desert as their are no boats.
Yours Staff

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crazy how I see in these forums sometimes people texting over each other... It indeed makes me sad.

A good word Frank on faith as described in James indeed.

My heart goes out to those that "in the last day" when their oil will run out in the night... This is why I choose to warn in love.

And not just speak of the end, but of the means to obtain it, which to me, the end being, "Be filled with the Spirit", abounding in fruit to the glory of God; although, walking in meekness and in the fear of God, abiding in Christ, praying, taking every thought captive to His Word, etc the means to obtain..."For without Him we can do nothing"

The gracious God, and tender mercies of the Lord Christ Jesus, be with you all.


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by marcmc on 2016/3/28 6:38:08

by jeffmar1130 wrote,

"If it's self inflicted, then it's really not persecution, but chastisement. Neither is the wrath of God. One is the attack of Satn (which God still uses) & the other is discipline from a loving Father who knows what we need to correct us."

The phase of self inflicted persecution the Church in NA is in and which will increase is the result of several mistakes.

Not for profit statues - This is why the Church and believers are broke and in debt.
Worldliness - Primarily interested in a long peaceful life here and now.
Atheism - No coherent responses to the new Athieism.
Islam - Uneducated responses to their errors and doctrine allowing it to gain the footing here that it did in Europe due to the same ignorance.
Church growth movement - too many negatives to even list
Division - Believers focusing on differences instead of unity
Gadgets - Insane infatuation with likes, views and posting pictures of your
Lack of Wisdom - Your neighbors, boss and coworkers should be asking your advice on marriage, money, kids etc all the time.
God will do it - Sitting on our hands waiting for God to do who knows what, who knows how, who knows when.
Timidity - Thinking that bold fearlessness is unchristian. The Gospel of nice.
No originality - An endless line of "me too" ideas. When anything looks successful half the churches in the country do the same thing.

This is a simple partial list which ultimately has left the Church with very little purpose outside our buildings. We abandoned the marketplace for the suburbs and tried to get the world to come and join us, and for years they just laughed but now they just want us gone. We are little more than a noisy nuisance. It's not God or Satan its us.


I was going to add to your list the "church's refusal to obey the Lord's command to "come out of her my people" (the religious system) is causing so many problems in individual's lives and by extension the body of Christ. But, God knows how to Father His children and sometimes it is not pleasant. (Heb 12). But the purpose of chastisement will yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness as He "shakes all that can be shaken today until that which cannot be shaken, remains."

We should not refuse the "shaking" from God that is taking place in our lives as it is for our benefit not our hurt.

 2016/3/28 15:02

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