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Julias writes.......

'You prepare for tomorrow by overcoming today and not being anxious or fearful about tomorrow.

Jesus told us not to be anxious about tomorrow, or worry about it. And how can you prepare for "what's coming", if you are not attending to and overcoming the "little" trials, today? They are not so little if they are overcoming us, right?"

Who is preaching anxiousness Julias? Are you anxious? Are you fearful when you hear of things to come? I would counsel you brother not to be fearful when you hear of things to come. Paul Washer does not seem to be fearful, nor Ravenhill nor Tozer or others who speak of such things. The only people who speak of fear and anxiousness all the time in matters relating to things to come is people like yourself as you raise up some kind of naysing straw man because you believe these things somehow have already happened.

Julias, you did not answer my previous question. Did you edit a previous reply removing a mocking disdainful comment? ..........bro Frank

 2016/3/26 13:50


HI bro Ritchie,

Surely you realize that those on the forum who speak of the persecution to come do not advocate that one should not live in Christ today or that all those who live Godly in Christ Jesus will surely suffer one level of persecution or another. Others try to say by the mere speaking of it then that creates fear or that is fear. Another charge, and this one is mainly from the world and worldly Christians is that if you speak of things to come then this is gloom and doom. Do you believe that to speak of things to come and the return of Jesus is doom and gloom?

Here is what I genuinely do not understand. There are a couple of brothers who seem to follow threads like this around just to pour cold water on it. How can that be edifying? Devotional threads and others are typically ignored by those who tend to follow certain threads around.

You write..........

"Brother Paul Washer is indeed not wrong, nor others like Leonard Ravenhill, in warning what is coming upon the Earth. For God did speak through the Apostle John, and the prophets giving them visions and words to write down."

Amen brother, then let us agree to agree :)..........bro Frank

 2016/3/26 14:22


Appolus wrote:

"Did you edit a previous reply removing a mocking disdainful comment? ..........bro Frank"

You should see some of the posts I removed and edited. Yes even as nice as I am some things should be better left unpublished or at least reworded.

 2016/3/26 16:15


Here, here, Rev!

We should post befitting men of God, when we edit it could be repentance which the Lord graciously allows.

Matt 18:32-35

 2016/3/26 16:29


Those in restricted nations and those who serve in restricted nations believe that if you are in the hands of the Holy Spirit. Then you are safe. Brother Andrew has said the safest place to be is in the middle of the will of God.

As I have been listening to the book of Acts and thinking and reflecting on the first century Church. It came to me that the way the first-century believers handled persecution was they were filled and baptized in the Holy Spirit. We certainly see that in the case of Stephen as he faced his persecutors. He was filled with the Holy Spirit and had a vision of Jesus. I do not know if he felt the stones. But somehow the sufferings of this present world did not compare to the glory that awaited him.

This is the hope of the persecuted church. They set their eyes not on the things that are seen with your temporal. But they set their eyes on the things that are eternal. They ultimately set their eyes on Jesus.

As such I think we should set our eyes on Jesus when times of affliction or persecution comes. For by setting our eyes on Jesus. Then we can truly endure cross with a joy that is set before us just as Jesus did.

My thoughts.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/26 16:30

 Re: Carmine

I did read one of your post before you removed it. Actually I thought it was quite funny. But I know you probably didn't mean for it to be funny. Just to let you know it put a smile on my face.

But I do commend you for your self-restraint. And I need to also moderate and restrain myself. And always read those guidelines before I post.

Brother Blaine

Re-edited for additional paragraph.

 2016/3/26 16:34



Trying to be humorous at time is good for the soul. It's going to end well for us in Christ. Good thing it's him and not us to bring the victory.
Lord bless you!

 2016/3/26 16:47


Hi Rev,

I think we should carefully think about what we post, I definately agree with that. I would say that once something is published and one is convicted of that, since it was public that one should acknowledge it publicly that they made a mistake, that would be a humble thing to do and we have seen it here before on SI. What we also get sometimes is someone who has a tight control over their image and perhaps slip up and have to change it quickly lest anyone should see that they actually think. This would not be publicly acknowledged. Yet disdain is not easily hidden and can come across in all that we write............bro Frank

 2016/3/26 16:59



Yes, protecting our spiritual appearance in the eyes of men is
Is pride and self righteousness .
If we have done wrong lets admit it and carry on. Hiding our tracks is never a good policy before God and men.

I also was wrong once hate to say.... okay maybe more than once.

 2016/3/26 18:08


"I also was wrong once hate to say.... okay maybe more than once."

Surely not Carmine, say it aint so :) Here is what I know about you and Neil and others, what you see is what you get, warts n'all not to say you have any warts :) ..........bro Frank

 2016/3/26 18:23

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