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 Questions in my spirit

Recently it was reported that four missionaries associated with Wycliff Associates were martyred in an undisclosed location in the Middle East by Islamic jihadists. The story was carried by several credible news outlets. I use some of these news outlets in getting information on the persecuted Church. Thus I had no need to doubt the credibility of the story. And because the name Wyckliffe was attached to the story. I, as many others, assumed the story to have credibility.

A sister went on the website of Wyckliffe Bible Translators and could find no mention of the four martyred translators. We assumed at the time that perhaps this was to protect the work that was going on in the Middle East. But now I am beginning to wonder???

The Wyckliffe Global Alliance issued a statement that the four translators were not affiliated with Wickliffe or it's partner ministries. I went to the website of Wyckliffe Bible translators. And as the sister said, no mention was made of the death of the four translators.

However there is a group called Wyckliffe Associates who is reporting that four of their translators were martyred. In looking at Wyckliffe Associates website one would get the impression that this is the official website of the Wyckliffe Bible Translators. But it appears there are two organizations. One is the Wyckliffe Bible Translators that is the more familiar organization. And then this organization called Wyckliffe Associates.

What raises a red flag in my spirit is on the Wyckliffe Associates website there is an emergency 9-1-1 fund asking for people to donate to replace the smashed equipment and to continue on the projects that were supoosedly destroyed by the jihadists.

The website of Wyckliffe Associates appears to be professional looking. With all of the right credentials including ECFA accreditation. However this means nothing. Particularly sinse a ministry that has been posted about in this forum had ECFA accreditation.

At the moment, I do not know who Wyckliffe Associates are other than what I see from their website. There is a telephone number. It is too late to call now. I would like to call tomorrow and find out more about their ministry and see if this report is credible. That is the report of the four nartyred missionaries. I would like to find out also if this ministry is attached to Wyckliffe Bible Translators.

Forum my intention it's not to call into question the integrity of Wycliffe Associates. It's quite possible that the report is legit. But in light of the allegations that are coming out about GFA, questions are beginning to arise in my spirit.

For the most part American Christians Have a generous heart. And they are willing to give and pray. But I do not like to see ministries make a fool of people that have a generous and compassionate heart. If I am wrong in my questions. I will print a retraction in this forum. But at the moment in these deceptive times my spirit cries for discernment.

It is hard enough to get accurate information regarding the persecuted church out of restricted nations. So when a report comes out about martyrdom and persecution, American Christians want to give and pray. But as we are already seeing, ministries are not above being deceptive to raise funds to their own ends. I am not saying this is the case with Wyckliffe Associates. But the reports are raising questions.

I will post tomorrow regarding my phone call the Wyckliffe Associates.

Posted by Blaine Scogin

Reedited for grammatical mistakes.

 2016/3/23 20:42

 Re: Questions in my spirit

Some of you in the Forum or better at internet research than I am. I will put the websites of Wyckliffe translators and Wycliffe Associates below. I would be interested to your thoughts about what you find out off these websites.

Wycliffe translators website is

Wycliffe Associates website is

If your findings prove that I am being over-reactive here. Then I will gladly print a retraction in this thread. And I truly pray that I am being over reactive.

Blaine Scogin

 2016/3/23 21:03



They are 2 separate organizations with similar names.
Wycliffe Bible Translators and Wycliffe Associates

Seem legitimate and even better they have no affiliation with GFA.

From Christianity today article:

Wycliffe Associates (WA)—a smaller and separate organization from Wycliffe USA (the American chapter of Wycliffe Bible Translators)—is leaving Wycliffe Global Alliance (WGA), a partnership of more than 100 Bible translation agencies around the globe.
WA cited several reasons for its decision, starting with controversy over the language used to describe Jesus. In some Bible translations, the language of Jesus’ relationship to God the Father (e.g. “Son of God”) is softened to stem confusion and anger from Muslims who mistakenly believe this means that God engaged in sexual relations with Mary. (CT devoted a 2011 cover story to the controversy.)
"For [us], literal translation of Father and Son of God is not negotiable," WA president Bruce Smith said in a March statement explaining its commitment to support only Bible translations that use the phrase “Son of God.”

 2016/3/23 21:55

 Re: Carmine

Thank you for your links. I'm going to follow up some more on this tomorrow. But again thank you.


 2016/3/23 23:55

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