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 When the cross loses center place

I'm been looking around and reading a bit regarding the lack of depth in modern revivals versus revivals in past generations and looking into the cross anew. As always, I'm coming to see all shortcomings etc. in modern revivals and modern church life seems to inevitably lead back to the cross having lost its central place. Not only regarding the benefits obtained by the historical occurence of Calvary but also its continuing power for each and every believer and every local church today. Derek Prince has much teaching on the cross and he came up with what he sees as 7 shortcomings that occur in the life of a church when the cross loses its central place and religious substitutes take the place of spiritual realities.

1) Theology takes the place of revelation.

Theology at its best, and some of it is very good and edifying, is man's reasonings and thoughts put together as best as can be done. But its not the pure revelation of the word but reasonings and information about the word and people begin following a brand of theology rather than the pure word. And people end up wrapping a immense amount of personal pride around the fact that they follow a particular brand of theology.

2) Education takes the place of character formation.

Jesus taught but He also called those He taught to follow Him. He just wasn't filling them full of information so that they could be full of info. It was to help them in their walk as they followed Him.

3) Psychology takes the place of discernment.

Modern pyschiatric methods and modern concepts of pyschology begin to be employed instead of relying on the discernment of the Spirit to help sort out the roots of people's problems and when sinful roots are found to be still alive to help them takes these things to the cross and leave them there. Psychology does not and cannot do this. Only the cross can lay the axe to the root.

4) Programs take the place of the direct leading of the Holy Spirit.

If a church isn't doing much many times programs are "thought up" and began because we've got to be doing something versus nothing.

5) Eloquence replaces supernatural power.

Enticing words of man's wisdom, eloquently and powerfully spoken, begin to be acceptable when really they fall below the biblical standard of spiritual words birthed by the Holy Spirit.

6) Reasoning replaces the walk of faith.

Self explanatory.

7) Laws and rules replace love.

A spirit of bewitching legalism sets in and following rules and church laws etc. are seen as a way to achieve and walk in righteousness. Love grows cold. Prime example - the Pharisees had their noses in everbody's business to such a degree that they couldn't even rejoice when Christ healed people because Christ was breaking their rules.

Well, whatever, Im not trying to preach at you good folks. I just thought I would share this snippet. I don't have it all together by any means.


David Winter

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 Re: When the cross loses center place

I appreciate this very much. All too true.


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