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 Hello again.

I'm back, formerly krautfrau (l was living in Germany at the time) and am pleased to be back.

I have spent a fruitful time during my absence, seeking to be close to Christ again as in the past, but having to spend some time in exile. Looking back, l see that time of closeness as a taste of walking in the light which gave me a fervent desire to be back there, but in finding l was not able to reach that state again, l became weary and discouraged.

Also l was struggling with my illnesses which are Lyme Disease, Metabolic Syndrome and four autoimmune conditions, one of which us destroying my thyroid, resulting from mercury and pesticide poisoning.

In my country there is no medical help for them so l studied biochemistry and tried many different therapies and supplements but to no avail - l began to get worse at the end of last year.

Suddenly however, the Lord stepped in and began to direct me to what l needed to be doing. I had to drink more water, adopt a paleo diet, (l had tried various diets in the past) and concentrate on healing intestinal permeability which is the cause of autoimmunity as well as continue treating Lyme with rife therapy.

He began to speak to me about my sins and the blessed conviction of the Holy Spirit began, as l was commanded to 'clear the channels' as it were so that the streams of living waters could flow. We cannot revive ourselves but we can prepare ourselves and show Christ that we are serious.

It is very important at this point, if we want to be revived, that the slightest nudge by the Holy Spirit, is obeyed immediately. We must learn to hear Him clearly to enable us to walk in the Spirit.

I know that my physical healing us bound up in being restored as that state is physically taxing at times. I have waited a long time for this, but God's timing is perfect.

Since carrying out the instructions, there has been much improvement and l am stronger and am healing which us quite remarkable at 66 l think when usually one is deteriorating.

Thank you Greg for reinstalling me. I apologise to anyone l may have offended in the past and hope we can have a fresh start.

 2016/3/22 15:53

 Re: Hello again.

Dear sister welcome back to the forum. May God continue to heal and bless you as you draw closer to Him.

Brother Blaine

 2016/3/22 15:58

Joined: 2011/10/21
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Dothan, Alabama

 Re: Hello again.

Dear Sister,

Very encouraged that you're back on SI and even more so the Lord's faithfulness is well received in your life:)

While I hadn't started posting/responding yet,... I remember well your contributions and tho I didn't always "get it" or completely agree with some positions, I can sincerely say I've learned allot from you and you sharing your walk here on SI and am encouraged greatly to witness your return:)

Blessings upon you dear sister and may your health continue to be revitalized in the Lord <\\\><


 2016/3/22 17:22Profile

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 Re: Hello again.

So good to see you back.
I have appreciated you comments on so many subjects,being discussed here.

My hope is,that God grant you good health.

God bless you,


 2016/3/22 23:27Profile


Welcome back and thank you for your testimony. A lot of people have Lyme and don't realize it. It is called the "great pretender", because it mimics so many other illnesses. Because, it can affect all the systems of the body yet people react differently to it, but left untreated will wreak havoc with one's health. Would like to hear more about rife. Have read about it but never knew anyone who used it and wondering if it is effective. Cats claw herb seems to help a lot of people.

Always appreciated your posts (they challenged and stimulated me to press into the Lord). And, your love for Jesus always came through.

3 John 2

Looking forward to searching the scriptures once again.

 2016/3/23 1:26

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This world is not my home anymore.

 Re: Hello again.

Welcome back Brenda!! Praise God you are doing so much better, God is ever faithful!



 2016/3/23 6:27Profile


Welcome back Brenda...............bro Frank

 2016/3/23 9:46

Joined: 2006/5/11
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West Sussex, England


Hello Brenda, it's very nice to see you here. I have often wondered where you had gone to. I did miss seeing you on here and hoped we hadn't put you off coming.

I do remember your posts fervently saying that the Baptism of the spirit was the only way. I hope you don't mind me bringing up the past as I think it's important but I think it's great that you are in this place with the Lord. I do believe it's Gods intention to eventually lead all true followers to the desert place. Because he gets more of our attention from the deep recesses of our hearts when our backs are to the wall.

His intention is to possess us in our inner parts so he can have a vessel of honour to possess and walk with in Love.

I hope to see you more on here again.


David Keel

 2016/3/23 15:37Profile


Dear brothers and sisters,

I am deeply touched by your kind words and welcome back. I cannot say how much I appreciate it and am encouraged by it.
I am looking forward to digging deep into scripture again with you.

Yes David, I agree, that we must have our 'backs to the wall' to enable Him to do the deeper work in us.

Yes Lisa I am doing much better. I had been attending a womens felowship group, and not in a very good state physically, and they were praying for me, then one evening the Lord asked me what I wanted Him to do for me! I was amazed as He had never asked me that before. I could not decide whether to ask for my health or for my family to be reunited with me but suddenly I knew that the most important thing for me was to be back in closeness with the Lord.

I got a peace straightaway that I had asked for the right thing and then a few days later He started to instruct me about what I needed to do to heal.

J thanks yes people do not understand just how devastating Lyme is and how hard to treat it if it is missed first time around. I had it 15 years with no diagnosis and therefore no treatment. It was finally destroying my brain.

I use the spooky2 rife device with software. I have had mixed results with it but the main problem is getting the right frequency and then you see results. I know of people curing cancer with it.

 2016/3/24 14:47

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Tulsa OK


Hi sister and welcome back to this forum.

I myself used to come to this forum years ago but later on I backslid and lost interest for christian fellowship or a desire for intimacy with the Lord. Sin can do all that to you and even worse it can harden your heart and make you insensitive to sin but the Lord in his mercy has granted me repentance and restored my soul and my fellowship with Him. I thought that I had lost my salvation and there was no more hope for me but God had not given up on my but showed me the way home where I belong. His mercies endure forever, praise God.

I recently came back to sermonindex site to listen to anointing preaching from men of God that have been a blessings to my heart in the last and even more so now, when I need the Word of God more than ever.

I pray sister that God's presence will be with you and that you may experience his healing power in Christ. Christ is salvation and our Healer too.


 2016/3/25 1:56Profile

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