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 Brethern.....i found a wonderful Resource!

beloved, when I have to cut and paste Scripture for posting, or other things, I always use

and this site has every Bible translations around, and in the upper search bar, you can type in "Matthew 1" and a drop menu, for the translation you desire.....and here is what i just found!

so you are taken to Matthew 1 (just for an example), besides the Chapter, you will see a symbol for a speaker, click on that, and you will hear say, Max McClean reading Matthew 1 in the KJV, and there is a "continous play" box, which obviously means Matthew 2 and on!! there is a drop down speaker menu, so that you can hear whatever translation you are led to sup on!

i had to tell you all of this, think about know that period, say a half and hour before you sleep?.....go into bed, turn the lights off, and play whatever part of Holy Scripture you're Led to, close your eyes, and just prayerfully let the Word wash over and into your soul and spirit....maybe you might be sound intolerant, and have to turn it off before actually going to sleep, OR you might just "drift off" into sleep with the Word of God "whispering in your ear"!

that isnt bad, is it?

so i just wanted to make you all aware of this wonderful Godly aspect of the "net", and pray that it blesses and uplifts many here. (oh dont mistake me! yes! Read the Word daily, amen....but this is beautiful)

and to me, it points to the Truth, that we, the Body of Christ are NOT yet so "persecuted" here....yet, because we can still access as such.

amen, neil

 2016/3/21 13:16

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 Re: Brethern.....i found a wonderful Resource!

Wow, I have this app and never knew I could utilize it this way...thanks Neil!!


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 Re: Brethern.....i found a wonderful Resource!

I have the whole Bible on CD narrated by Max McClean. I heard him interviewed once about the process and he said he always memorized passages before recording them- i.e. he did not just read the passages. He is an actor and felt that was a more powerful way to do it.

Now I am not sure if he did this for every translation he has now narrated, but very early on he did this.

I love the way he reads scripture.


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I am ecstatic to have you share this, Neil. I am very tech challenged and was googling audio Bible with a specific chapter at a time when I wanted to listen to Scripture as I was doing something else. Then when chapter 1 would finish, I would type in chapter 2 and listen to that one....Please don't laugh....this continuous play feature has me jumping for joy! Thank you!!

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Gateway is an excellent resource. Also YouVersion is another resource. I have both on my smartphone. Both have a continuous play. Both of these resources are excellent to listen to the word.

Also I have listened to an MP3 audio Bible as I fell asleep. Not only do I get a good rest. But I get the word of God into my heart and mind.

 2016/3/21 17:06

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McClean is really wonderful. Love to listen to his reading if I listen. Nothing against anyone else. Just really appreciate him.

All these apps, websites, software etc that we all use are blessings. Thankful for them. Hang on to your printed bibles and reference books though. :)


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 Re: Brethern.....i found a wonderful Resource!

Neil, this is a blessing for many! YOU are a blessing to many also!
Thanks, Wayne

 2016/3/21 18:18Profile

 my brother Wayne....and all

Dear Wayne,
that was a sure blessing you gave to me, what you wrote, and I say that not from a "prideful", or ego, or "self esteem" , but from the heart, where I ACTUALLY could be of service (servant) to the Body, to the assembly of tsaddikim(Hebrew for "the saints"...plural, singular would be "tsaddik"...a saint...I am NOT, what is referred to as a "judaizer", but at 7, I learned the language, so when I think of you all, "the saints", I think in my mind, tsaddikim)

so that was very loving of you to write that to me, and all the others, that found that service of Godly benefit, my heart leaps....just even to be a sort of messenger, my heart leaps.

its very early in the morning here, 3 AM, world is silent up here, just "got out of" Isaiah, I'm in the early 20's chapters, and its so amazing to read/eat the Footsteps of Messiah, as prophesied by that prince of a prophet, so as I tend to inside chores, I will practice what I "preach"....Biblegateway, and crank the volume. I might also listen to that dear man, Dr. Wesley Duewel, who just went to be with the Lord at age 100. I ONLY found out about the man, because one saint here brought the news, then brother Greg, listed the man's audio sermons, I listened to one, it spoke to my heart and spirit, so I downloaded the 7 or 8 audio sermons, Dr, Wesley has on here, here's the initial thread, and the dear sister, a new member of this forum, "Renee is His", gave this to us, what was already here, via Greg's work:

you'll see my excitement in the Lord, I believe I will listen to "The Role of a Prayer Burden", God willing, this sermon:

and it only has 52 downloads!!!

There is such a wealth of TRUE RICHES here, not only the sermons/exhortations readied for download, but the dear saints gathered....may we gather in love and unity, amen, much love, neil

 2016/3/22 4:37

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