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 Walking with God

When I think about elder brothers like Brother Deuwel, and Stephen Kaung, it is hard to imagine all the experience that comes about in that time period, and how much sanctification has taken place. I was with Brother Kaung, who is 101 years old in a simple little Bible Study tonight, which we meet every other Friday, and upon his return trip from China, I am still amazed at the unction of the Holy Spirit that is upon Him. And the occasional story he tells about Watchman Nee or T. Auustin-Sparks. We lost Lance Lambert this year right before our Conference. Brother Deuwel has walked with God for a long time, as has Brother Kaung, 85 plus years. My little ten years seems so insignificant! Nevertheless, I am truly thankful for my elders. I pray God sets someone in place to carry the testimony.
I would add that when a consecrated Christian has walked with God for that long and you get to fellowship
, you walk away with a seriously strong feeling of hope.

R. Evan Gombach

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 Re: Walking with God

What a blessing that must have been, brother. God has stirred something in me since I've been listening to Brother Duewel's teachings the last few days. I started listening to Bro. Lambert last year after someone had posted he went home to be with the Lord. I started listening to Bro. Duewel then found out he went to be with the Lord. I don't believe in coincidences. It was like the Lord encouraging me on in the ministry of intercession He has entrusted me with. God always seems to bring men/women of God into my life that will reinforce what he is teaching me.
I have asked God to use me to carry the testimony, if it pleases Him. Bro. Lambert said God will take anyone who is willing to give his/her life over to intercessory prayer, because there are so few willing to do it. It is consuming, taxing work. But God will be gloried greatly through it.


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