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 Jesus Calling for Kids

My wife found this book at Target and asked me about it. Has anyone read this and/or know of anyone who has read it? I am well aware of the information that can be found online about it, just looking for personal experience.

In lieu of this devotional book, written for younger minds, can anyone recommend something else for kids to read (besides the bible obviously)?

 2016/3/18 12:14

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 Re: Jesus Calling for Kids

This is my opinion, but:

I have deep concerns about Jesus Calling. It seems like there is no depth to it and it is all about how God has come to make my life better. I spent a while reading some of those devotions and did not come away feeling anything but distress, because I know LOADS of people who use this.

I am very curious about whether anyone else has gotten this impression of it or am I off-base

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I am wondering about this myself since so many of the women in the Bible Study I go to all have copies and read everyday. (Jesus Calling).
I think they would rather read this than the Word! I have not read one of these books because I have teservations about why it is so popular!

I also stayed away from 'The Purpose Driven Life' for the same reasons.
But since I haven't read the Jesus Calling book and don't want to I can't make a real valid statement about it.

Sis L

 2016/3/18 15:41


I don't know about the Jesus Calling book per se, but that is certainly the gist of the kids version...very shallow and "your best life now". Very little to do with the actual call towards following Jesus, discipleship etc. But my main concern with the books is that the author (Sarah Young) maintains that these writings are from Jesus directly, written through her to the world. If that is the case and Jesus is never wrong, then these words are infallible and technically could be on the same par as the scriptures. Not that Young would adversely state this as such, but I am betting a lot of shallow christians might be tempted to think so.

Anyway, does anyone have any other good resources for kids devotionals?

 2016/3/18 15:48


She speaks in the 1st person in the book making it sound like all the words are from Jesus when they're not. Just read it to your kids in the 3rd person. Or just read them regular Bible stories from the Bible. It has always been a good way to learn and get the word into your kids.

 2016/3/18 16:40


Hi Mark,

I agree with Julius. With my daughters while they were growing up, we would read the Bible and it seems like the Holy Spirit always gave insight and I would get sort of dramatic. Then they would get the Word in them. I wish I had them memorize more but we did sing scripture songs.

I have worked at Christian Bookstores in my life and kid's devotionals in my family never seemed to work. I don't know why. Now, it might be good to do a Bible app, but it just has to be the Lord leading you. I wish my husband had been more involved, but he wasn't.

Corrie Ten Boom's father as she wrote "In My Father's House" gathered everyone around the table to pray and read the Word. Corrie loved every minute of her Daddy reading the Word out loud.

Hope that helps a little.
May God help you bring up your little ones in the admonition of the Word.

Sis L

 2016/3/18 18:32

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 Re: Jesus Calling for Kids

In lieu of this devotional book, written for younger minds, can anyone recommend something else for kids to read (besides the bible obviously)?

I can highly recommend books from Devern Fromke for reading with your kids. The "Hive of Busy Bees" books are excellent for the younger children and the "Seeing God's Purpose" and "Seeing God's Wisdom" books are excellent for the older children.

I would also highly recommend "Ultimate Intention" and "Unto Full Stature" for adults.

You can find them at ;

In Christ,

Ron Halverson

 2016/3/18 18:46Profile

 Re: kids devotionals

thanks for the replies everyone. This would be for an 11 year old, for them to read themselves.

I will check out the suggestions but keep them coming, thanks.

 2016/3/18 18:54

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